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Doggy Due Process: Why Breed Discrimination Doesn't Work

1h 30m

Created on November 10, 2014



A 2014 national survey revealed that 84% of Americans believe that they should be able to own whatever breed of dog they choose. Unfortunately, some cities enact dangerous dog laws that deprive people of their property - their pets - simply on the basis of breed. Many of these ordinances lack due process protections. More and more 42 U.S.C. 1983 A.D.A. and Fair Housing cases are being filed to combat the illegal taking of pets, and many are successful. We all want safe and humane communities, but how do we achieve it?  Join attorneys Elise "Ledy" VanKavage and Fred Kray as they discuss ways to legally combat breed discrimination and make sure cities enact comprehensive breed neutral ordinances that protect people and pets.  Additionally, learn creative means of filing lawsuits to challenge these ordinances and policies to protect people and the pets they love.  


Learning Objectives: 

I. Identify how to fight bad breed discriminatory ordinances through: 

  • Education
  • Lobbying
  • Litigation

II. Explore types of creative ordinances that people can supply to lawmakers as more effective than breed bans, such as:  

  • Breed neutral ordinances
  • Dangerous dog ordinances
  • Reckless owner ordinances


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