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Does it Float? Floating Liens, Maritime Law, and Cross-Border Insolvency Issues to Watch Out for When Doing Business With the Texas Shipping Industry (Audio)

1h 4m

Created on July 24, 2017



As business continues to become increasingly global, companies are finding themselves confronted not only with foreign law and enforcement concerns, but also with maritime issues and some gray area in between. These issues are critical to Texas businesses in particular; recent reports from the Texas Department of Transportation show that Texas ports generate $368.7 billion in economic activity in the state annually. Companies that do business from Texas to overseas, or are thinking of emerging from Texas into this international market need to be aware of particular transportation issues that arise from dealings with freight forwarders, freight carriers, brokers, customs and cross-border insolvency. This CLE, presented by Texas attorney Nicole Hay, is intended to educate those operating or owning Texas businesses on current legal determinations in this area, the uncertainties that persist, and best practices to manage risk.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Identify key issues to be negotiated with freight forwarders and freight carriers
  2. Develop best practices for freight forwarder and freight carrier contracts
  3. Gain awareness of hotly litigated shipping issues, like floating liens, and know where the law stands
  4. Understand how the legal uncertainties of cross-border insolvency can affect business operations due to shipping, customs, and international broker concerns
  5. Plan ahead for cross-border insolvency contingencies

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