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Dividing the Real Estate for Divorcing Couples


Created on November 12, 2021





This course, taught by real estate attorney Erica Crohn Minchella, will examine the challenges and opportunities for dealing with the family home when parties are divorcing. The course is for Family Law practitioners as well as Real Estate attorneys who are assisting clients in how to best handle the manner in which the real estate should be addressed. The focus will include the emotional aspects of the decisions, the credit concerns, and the opportunities for manipulation and revenge. The course is for all levels of practitioners. Practitioners should come away with strategies for guiding their clients to desired outcomes for dividing the real estate despite the highly charged emotional issues brought on by the divorce itself.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Identify the reasons why parties should address real estate concerns early in the divorce process

  2. Discuss credit issues that can occur when parties decide not to sell the property during the process of divorce

  3. Review the problems that one party can create by having liens placed against the property because of individual debts or as revenge against the other party

  4. Assure good outcomes, including early sale or the property, getting Quitclaim Deeds signed and recorded, understanding the implications of modifications, short sales, and foreclosure

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