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Diverse Women in Law: Reflections on Challenges Faced and Opportunities for Growth

1h 9m

Created on December 08, 2022





Women are enrolling in law school and entering the practice of law in greater numbers than ever. However, as they build their careers, women in law firms face challenges unique to their backgrounds that may impact their ability to advance or find satisfaction in their jobs. In this session, Neha Bhalani and Abigail Remore - two partners under forty who started on the same day as junior associates in the same practice group – will discuss their distinct experiences, obstacles, and lessons learned as they both carved their unique paths to partnership at their firm. The program will also suggest ways in which employers and industry leaders can continue to work to improve their interactions with women and diverse attorneys so that progress can continue for future generations of women lawyers.


Learning Objectives:

  1. Discuss challenges commonly encountered by up-and-coming female attorneys in law firms

  2. Provide strategies for women to advocate for themselves and leverage opportunities for visibility while remaining authentic to who they are

  3. Identify ways that women lawyers of diverse backgrounds can support one another

  4. Explore opportunities for institutional improvements and structural change that improve the experiences of women attorneys in private practice

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