Disputes Between Members of an LLC: “Divorcing” from your Business Partner in Virginia

Production Date: September 25, 2017 Practice Areas: Business, Corporate, & Securities Law and Litigation Estimated Length: 3642 minutes


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Unfortunately, not all business arrangements involve a long, happy, and prosperous relationship. Business “divorce” becomes necessary when a party breaches the Company’s Operating Agreement or becomes a hindrance on the operation of the business. The important decision of whether to seek judicial expulsion of the problem member or dissolve the Company in its entirety must be made. This course, presented by attorneys Bethany Benes and William Bethune of McCandlish Lillard, will discuss the options available in Virginia relating to dissociation of a member and dissolution of an LLC and identify common strategies in handling such cases.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Identify and discuss what conduct rises to the level necessary for dissociation (judicial expulsion) of an LLC member
  2. Analyze whether dissolution of the Company is a more appropriate remedy available
  3. Review common defense strategies and offer practice tips
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