Digital Forensics for Attorneys: "Delete" Doesn't Mean What You Think

Production Date: September 24, 2016 Practice Areas: Privacy & Cybersecurity Estimated Length: 4507 minutes


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In this program, attorney and information security consultant Scott Aurnou presents an overview of digital forensics, with an emphasis on computer and mobile device forensics and the importance they play in both criminal and civil cases (as well as internal investigations). Mr. Aurnou begins the presentation with a general introduction to the subject matter by talking about the various forms of electronic data and the devices on which they are stored. He then discusses the digital forensic process in litigation and the precautions parties must take when handling and extracting data. He concludes his presentation with suggestions on how companies can establish procedures in order to avoid costly errors and minimize risks when responding to a security incident. Mr. Aurnou’s clear delivery of the subject matter and use of relevant cases make this program valuable for attorneys counseling clients who are dealing with digital forensic discovery issues and for managing their own firm's electronic data.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Understand how electronic information is stored and the role of metadata
  2. Grasp the steps entailed in the proper preservation and analysis of electronic evidence
  3. Gain a fundamental comprehension of the computer forensic process
  4. Understand a lawyer’s role in the forensic process

This course originally appeared as a part of our September 2016 Bridge the Gap Event.

Jonathan R.
Parsippany, NJ

Best CLE session--live or online--I have ever watched.

Mayu M.
New York, NY


Joseph C.
Auburn, NY

Some good tips

Marshall V.
Greenport, NY

A fascinating presentation. The presenter is extremely talented, knowledgeable and a good speaker.

Sarah Rheagan A.
Birmingham, AL

great course!

Stephen C.
Newburgh, NY

Very informative! Helped me learn about computer security. Yes, now I am scared. :p

Pat I.
Denville, NJ

Good stuff.