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Digital Assets and Blockchain Technology in Corporate Securities Offerings

1h 31m

Created on October 03, 2019




There is no question that the advent of cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology has already begun to make a significant impact on corporate/securities laws, spawning an entirely new array of practical considerations facing registered and unregistered securities offerings. Moreover, these digital securities can potentially avail themselves of theoretically superior secondary market liquidity through secondary trading on an SEC regulated digital platform. With little precedent on how existing securities and law might treat these offerings,  corporate practitioners are establishing best practices and structures designed to avail their clients of blockchain's potential within legal bounds.  

This course, presented by Kaiser Wahab, partner in the law firm of Riveles Wahab LLP, which is dedicated to private securities offerings for investment funds and IP-driven early-stage/mature companies, is designed to arm the practitioner with the vocabulary, skillset, and overall understanding of emerging best practices in tokenized and digital securities offerings.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Review the fundamental differences between actual "securities" on the blockchain in context of the universe of blockchain offerings
  2. Discuss how to best approach private and quasi-public (e.g., Regulation A+) securities offering structures and process on the blockchain
  3. Examine how to best structure offering terms on the blockchain to achieve investor traction, protect the issuer, and abide by prevailing securities laws
  4. Identify unique disclosure requirements and technological considerations that confront offerings on the blockchain
  5. Explore the unique ecosystem driving blockchain securities transactions, including the role of third-party technology players and specialty legal players

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