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Developing an Effective Global Employment Strategy


Created on September 19, 2017




In today's world, it is a rare company that operates solely within the United States. Whether by acquisition or inherent growth, most U.S. businesses have some employees or contractors overseas, which raises different types of employment issues. Unlike in the U.S., employment laws in most other countries offer employees numerous guaranteed statutory entitlements on things such as notice and termination, group consultation rights, indefinite employment terms, and paid leaves of absence, among other things. Employers often struggle with developing effective global practices that account for the differences in employment laws between countries while at the same time maintaining operational consistency throughout the organization.

There are also recent trends in employment laws within the U.S. that employers must consider. Examples include campaigns at the state and local level to impose new paid leave requirements, increase minimum wages, and expand extra-territorial application of one state's employment laws to non-resident employees. At the federal level, significant changes are happening in the area of immigration, which in turn impacts employers' ability to hire all the employees it needs.

This course, presented by Brian Arbetter, Partner at Norton Rose Fulbright, reviews major current developments in US and global employment and labor laws, and offers employers practical solutions for improving and implementing an effective global employment strategy.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Identify the current and coming changes to U.S. employment and labor laws
  2. Discuss the latest trends in employment and labor laws outside of the U.S.
  3. Review the changing employee immigration laws around the world
  4. Consider the best practices for development and implementation of global employment practices and policies in light of these global changes

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