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Detainees, Deportees, Refugees, Asylees – What Rights?

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Produced on January 24, 2017

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Time 63 minutes
Difficulty Advanced

Course Description

The rights of Detainees, Deportees, Refugees, Asylees to pursue claims in U.S. Courts for violations of their individual rights by governmental officials has often being relegated to the background in much of civil rights discussion. However, with the last 2016 presidential campaign the civil liberties of these groups is suddenly a hot issue, and one destined for legal intervention given the unprecedented election of Donald J. Trump as the 45th President of these United States. The fate of these groups is now the subject of much debate in the media and in politics, given the make-up of Trump’s cabinet and his campaign avowal to be the Law and Order President, that will introduce stop and frisk and conduct mass deportation.

Implementing these policies at the federal level will lead to interactions between law enforcement and these groups that would violate rights of citizens, including detainees, as well as Deportees, Refugees, and Asylees. 

This program examines what rights, if any, Detainees, Deportees, Refugees, and Asylees have to pursue claims under U.S. Laws for violations of their civil rights. The program will explain the critical barriers that such claims face, how to properly and successfully prosecute such claims, what to expect when litigating such claims, as well as the possible reliefs available, including injunctive reliefs, monetary damages and award of statutory attorneys’ fees.

Learning Objectives: 

  1. Explore the background and legal implications of a “Stop and Frisk” Policy and its implications when implemented nationwide

    1. Identify “Street Encounters” with Police similar to “Stop and Frisk”

    2. Distinguish the levels of justification needed for police intervention

    3. Learn available legal challenges to unlawful police conduct

    4. Evaluate and anticipate civil consequences of “Stop and Frisk”

  2. Learn the difference between U.S Refugees and Asylees
    1. Understand Asylee vs. Refugee Application & Procedural Differences under current U.S. Immigration Law

    2. Discuss possible changes to immigration laws that could affect asylee and refugee applications

  3. Learn the Rights of Deportees  
    1. What rights exist if Wrongly Profiled and Deported

    2. Understand when Deportation Raids could Violate U.S. Constitution

    3. Discuss Civil Rights Investigation Into ICE Raid Tactics

  4. Distinguish between the rights of Pretrial Detainees and Convicts
    1. Basis for Constitutional rights of Detainees and Inmates

    2. Explore Remedies available to Detainees and Inmates


Samuel Maduegbuna

Maduegbuna Cooper LLP

Sam Maduegbuna is a partner at New City-based Maduegbuna Cooper LLP. The firm’s primary practice area is in all aspects of civil rights litigation handling cases mainly in federal courts throughout the State of New York and at times in jurisdictions outside New York.

Mr. Maduegbuna is an experienced litigator and trial lawyer with a particular expertise in complex and challenging cases including employment discrimination, workplace abuse, personal injury, civil rights and commercial matters. He has successfully represented clients in high-stakes trials against municipalities, multinational corporations and financial institutions, and obtained significant jury verdicts as well as negotiated multiple six- and seven-figure settlements on behalf of clients.

His practice focuses on trial and appellate practice, arbitration and mediation, principally in the areas of labor and employment, personal injury, medical malpractice, civil rights and commercial matters. Sam has tried cases in federal and state courts and arbitrated these matters before a wide range of arbitral tribunals. He has argued critical motions and appeals, including conducting the oral argument before the United States Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit in a seminal decision on whether state common law torts arising from workplace drug testing are preempted by Federal Drug Testing Regulations applicable to workers in safety sensitive positions in the transportation industry. He has also argued and briefed appeals in the United States Courts of Appeals for the Eleventh and District of Columbia Circuits and the Appellate Divisions of the New York State Supreme Court.

Mr. Maduegbuna is a graduate of the University of Nigeria Law School. He also holds a Master of laws Degree from the University of Alberta, Edmonton, Canada. 


Daren W.

The course was presented very well.

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Excellent summary.

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erick w.


Peter A.

well done

Lou Ann B.

Excellent speaker and written materials. Interesting perspective of human rights vs. immigrant rights.

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Nice presentation.

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Learned a lot and speaker was well informed.

Ron R.

Well presented and informative. Very enjoyable.

Raquel S.

I appreciated the speaker's honesty when discussing the new administration's actual approach versus the "campaign approach"

Colleen W.

I found the presentation informative and very useful.

J Thomas S.

Very comprehensive. Excellent information in a short period of time. Right out of the headlines.

Owais Q.

This was one of your best speakers. Excellent information.

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Enjoyed the moderator very much.

Jennifer S.

Incredibly timely, excellent content

Julie A. B.

Outstanding speaker in this content-packed program imparts an impressive level of detail in the companion slides as well as a lecture crowded with examples to enhance understanding of this complex and timely topic. With the 2016 presidential campaign and the arguably unprecedented election of Donald J. Trump as the 45th President of United States, the civil liberties of detainees, deportees, refugees and asylees is suddenly a hot issue deserving of legal attention. The fate of these groups is the focus of debate in legal, media and political spheres particularly in view of Trump’s anticipated cabinet members and his campaign assertion to be the “Law and Order” President who may well conduct mass deportation. You will never contemplate this issue the same way again after you watch this program.

Lynne T.

Thank you!

Carey M.

Very interesting!

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