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Delivering Effective Closing Arguments: Tips & Tricks to Create a Great Narrative

1h 8m

Created on September 24, 2020





Thirty seconds. That's how long you've got to hook your jury so you can close - and win - your case. Unlike the opening statement, in a closing argument, you should be stating your opinions of the case, arguing your position on the application of the law, commenting on the opposing party's evidence, and asking the jury for a specific outcome. But you've got to keep it simple, straightforward, and above all, persuasive. 

This program, taught by criminal and family law practitioner Linda Watson, will walk attorneys through the best way to organize a closing argument, find a captivating "hook", and use storytelling techniques to make your case. Linda will describe tried and true closing techniques, explain how to effectively argue against the opposing side during the closing, and provide real-world examples of what NOT to do.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Prepare for your closing by marshaling your arguments and evidence into a coherent narrative
  2. Find your "hook" to keep the jury engaged
  3. Effectively use analogies, metaphors, and silence to create an impactful narrative
  4. Avoid closing missteps that will turn off the jury and endanger your case

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