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Defining Your Business Objectives in the PR Context


Created on April 07, 2022





Before engaging in public relations tactics, lawyers should be confident that these public relations efforts will, in fact, help them and their firms achieve the goals defined in their business plans. Lawyers should ask themselves how a public relations program can move them toward achieving their quantifiable business goals and what PR tactics can do more effectively than paid opportunities, such as advertising. Once they have answered these questions, we will move on to demonstrating how lawyers can define their public relations objectives. During this session, we will teach lawyers how to define their law firm business goals within the context of quantifiable key performance indicators (KPIs). Lawyers will learn about our SMART framework for goal-setting to set themselves up for strategic PR success, which ensures that each objective is specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, and timely. By setting appropriate goals, especially in the context of the digital age of communication, lawyers and law firms can use PR to create a two-way dialogue with their target audience.

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