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Defending a Federal Child Pornography Case

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Produced on September 08, 2017

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Time 1h
Difficulty Intermediate
Topics covered in this course: Criminal Litigation

Course Description

Possession and distribution of child pornography are serious charges - which can cover a wide range of offenses - with the potential for lengthy prison sentences as well as fines paid to the victims. Although there are both state and federal laws criminalizing child pornography, many investigations begin with a report from an internet service provider, and the defendant is charged - often with multiple forms of prohibited conduct - in federal court.

In this program, criminal defense attorney Daniel DeMaria of Merchant Law Group LLP will discuss the fundamentals of federal child pornography offenses including receipt, possession, distribution and production. The course will cover the defense strategies available when defending child pornography cases, best practices in plea bargaining, and the statutory penalty scheme for child pornography offenses, based on both the underlying federal statutes and the U.S. Federal Sentencing Guidelines.  

Learning Objectives:

  1. Discuss the underlying federal statutes at issue, and the stages of initiation and investigation of a child pornography case
  2. Assess how to defend and/or plea bargain in federal child pornography cases
  3. Identify best practices in representing a child pornography defendant at sentencing

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Daniel DeMaria is an experienced criminal defense lawyer who is admitted to the Massachusetts state bar. He has represented clients in a variety of criminal matters involving drug possession, drug trafficking, driving while intoxicated, immigration offenses, assaults, and a variety of sex crimes. Mr. DeMaria represents clients in both state and federal matters.


Anthony S.


Martell H.

Appreciated the non-obvious knowledge for practicing in federal criminal court.

Steven H.

I have represented clients on such charges, and these materials would have been very helpful - please consider this course if you defend at the federal level.

Stephen M.

Interesting and useful discussion of difficult topic.

Christopher B.

Good job on an upsetting and grim topic. Thank you.

Edward P.

This was a very intelligent course.

Mattie A.


Andrew A.

Excellent speaker

John C. T.

great real life examples augment the materials

Patricia D.

Very good job. I was a child sex abuse prosecutor for a long time, and now I teach Criminal Justice. I thought the instructor did a great job of presenting the defense side, and I learned a lot. I will definitely share much of this information with my students. Thank you!

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