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December 2017 Bridge the Gap: Happy Holidays!

Production Date: December 17, 2017 Practice Areas: Estimated Length: 0 minutes

The end of the year is just around the corner—complete your CLE with this assortment of fun, fascinating topics!


This program counts towards NY Bridge the Gap Credit. This one-day program will count as 6 Skills Credits and 3 Ethics Credits for New York Bridge the Gap. 

  • NY Newly Admitted Attorneys: This program will fulfill all 6 live Skills Credits required, as well as 3 Ethics.
  • Seasoned Attorneys: Earn 6 General CLE credits and 3 Ethics. Also, although all of our weekends are entitled Bridge the Gap, lectures cover topics of law designed to increase the scope of efficacy of attorneys with all levels of experience.

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09:00AM - 10:15AM
Strategies for Winning Your Next Trial: Jury Selection and Expert Witness Examination in New York & New Jersey
with Michael Casale and Moshe Horn

This program, presented by Professor Moshe Horn, and retired Superior Court Judge Michael R. Casale, presently Of Counsel at Greenbaum, Rowe, Smith & Davis LLP, in Roseland, New Jersey, provides strategic options, legal pitfalls, and practical tips in the areas of jury selection and expert witness examination.

Trials can be won or lost before the actual testimony begins if one party wins the battle of jury selection. Jury selection offers attorneys an opportunity to create the first impression with potential jurors so it is very important to put your best step (and your client’s best step) forward immediately upon the jury panel’s entry into the Courtroom, and to continue it throughout the jury selection process. This course will focus on the “do’s and don’ts” of jury selection, and effective strategies with respect to same. 

The course will also discuss another aspect of a trial where counsel can win or lose a trial—that is the examination of expert witnesses. Many cases simply boil down to “a battle of the experts”. Which expert is more credible? Which expert’s opinions will connect with the jury? This part of the course will focus on winning strategies regarding expert testimony. Some differences in the Court and evidence rules in New York and New Jersey will be presented by the panelists. However, the focus will be more on winning strategies, rather than Court and evidence rules.

10:20AM - 11:35AM
How Cases Are Won and Lost at Depositions - Top Tips for the Successful Practitioner
with Matthew Fein

Depositions are the foundation and building blocks of any successful lawsuit. The ramifications of poor testimony given by a witness can have fatal consequences both for a Plaintiff or Defendant, while a well-prepared attack of a witness at deposition can solidify testimony that will lead to a winning result. As such, depositions can often be the single most important part of any lawsuit.

This program, presented by Matthew Fein of the law firm of Pazer, Epstein, Jaffe & Fein, P.C., provides strategic tactics for pre-deposition preparation, defending your client, obtaining winning testimony when on the offense, and post-deposition follow-up. The course will also focus on important steps both pre- and post-deposition, and teach how to make any case both more valuable or defensible.

11:40AM - 12:55PM
Best Practices for Bringing, Defending, or Settling a Regulatory Enforcement Action
with Peter Lennon

What is the current state of financial regulation and enforcement? How does it compare to recent history?

Mr. Lennon, a litigator and forensic accountant with over twenty years of experience in cases involving complex financial issues, will very briefly explore the historical backdrop of regulatory change with an emphasis on recent high-profile enforcement matters. He will then explore the essentials of regulatory enforcement cases with an emphasis on appropriate settlement strategies.

12:55PM - 01:30PM

01:30PM - 02:45PM
Skills for Handling a Criminal Case in New York: From Arraignment to Appeal
with Saad Siddiqui

The purpose of this program is to help attorneys develop skills to better handle a criminal case in New York - from arraignment to appeal. Understanding the nuances of criminal trial practice is essential, so don’t miss this opportunity to pick up the strategies you need for success from an experienced and knowledgeable criminal trial defense attorney.  

This program, led by attorney Saad Siddiqui, is more than a simple nuts and bolts seminar. Attorneys will be given the skills and insight needed to handle all aspects of defending a criminal case in New York State.

02:50PM - 04:05PM
Ethics and Best Practices When Navigating Legal Fee Disputes
with Lindsay Tasher

While today’s legal market has brought about an increased awareness of cost-effective legal representation, both law firms and corporations can suddenly find themselves in the midst of a dispute regarding legal fees – before, during, or after a litigation or transaction. This course, presented by attorneys Lindsay Tasher and Samuel Tasher at Wyatt Partners (a corporation that focuses exclusively on the subject of legal fees), addresses today’s hot topics in navigating fee disputes – both from an in-house and outside counsel perspective throughout the entire fee dispute process.

Most importantly, the program will focus on applicable Rules of Professional Conduct and case law as applied to fee disputes, based on the wide foray of experience our speakers have gained serving as fee experts in these types of disputes across the United States and Europe. Both law firms and corporations will benefit greatly from such insights and lessons to be learned on a timely and evolving topic that potentially affects everyone in today’s legal and business market.  

04:10PM - 05:25PM
Ethical Issues in Criminal Practice (Update)
with Saad Siddiqui

In this program, attorneys will be exposed to the array of ethical issues that they are likely to encounter in criminal practice. Ethical issues neither arise in a vacuum nor can they always be anticipated. Typically, they force themselves on the busy lawyer amidst the hurly-burly of a hotly contested criminal trial. Sometimes they arise in the pretrial phases; sometimes before a trial - or even a crime - is contemplated.

Many practicing attorneys fail to recognize ethical issues when they arise. There rarely are clear-cut right and wrong answers to many of the ethical dilemmas that occur in criminal practice; however, a clear and careful resolution of these issues is the responsibility the attorney under the rules of professional conduct. It is the purpose of this program, led by attorney Saad Siddiqui, to ensure that such recognition occurs at the earliest possible time so that attorneys may think about and decide how to resolve these ethical issues as soon as possible.