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Debunking the Myth of the "Applicant Pool Problem"


Created on October 19, 2021




This course is part of the virtual event, Theories On The Legal Profession's Lack of Diversity And Solutions For Change. Access this course and more. Learn more


Why do so many industries, particularly the legal industry, lack in diversity? How do we combat the notion that applicant pools simply are not diverse, thus leading to non-diverse work forces? How do we attain reflective pools of applicants as we approach our hiring practices? This useful session, presented by experienced professionals in the DEI and legal spaces, will address each of these critical questions. The presentation will provide strategies for reforming recruitment practices and combat the myth that diverse applicants do not exist. 

Panelists: Charles Bingham, Corporate Counsel at Microsoft; Toby Egbuna, CEO & Co-Founder of Chezie; Olivia McGill, Author

Learning Objectives:

  1. Identify and understand the applicant pool problem myth
  2. Analyze the pipeline problem
  3. Learn how to effectively shift the focus with respect to the application process
  4. Obtain meaningful strategies for improving hiring and recruiting

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