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Dealing with Difficult Witnesses: Evidence and Witness Management in Civil Litigation

1h 30m

Created on December 22, 2020





The courtroom does not have to be a scary place. Armed with the right tips, tricks, and preparation, anyone can be an A+ trial lawyer.  While you cannot control the decision that the judge will make, you can control how prepared and ready you are for trial.  This course will discuss the evidentiary rules that every good litigator needs to know, how to make and meet objections, and what to do when you have a difficult witness. The goal of the program is to demystify the courtroom and untangle the complicated world of evidence rules and procedures so that newer attorneys will feel at home in the courtroom and be prepared to tangle with the most experienced litigators. This program is designed to benefit attorneys who are new to civil litigation.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Review the evidentiary rules that every civil litigator needs to know
  2. Make and meet objections
  3. Handle a difficult witness so that the evidence you need comes into the record
  4. Avoid litigation pitfalls and employ tried and true tips and tricks in the courtroom 

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