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Dealing With California Charter School Issues & Developments (Audio Only)

1h 33m

Created on December 17, 2019



The Charter School movement in California remains big business for lawyers, educators, bond funds and investment houses. California has unique and interesting methods for chartering schools, funding charter school programs, and licensing continued operations of charter schools at the elementary and secondary school level. 

This course, taught by veteran practitioner William Smelko, will review accreditation requirements, funding issues, legal requirements for charters, and regulatory compliance standards, including State curriculum mandates. The program will provide attendees with a basic understanding of California’s Charter School framework. There will be a particular focus on operational issues that impact the funding and management of Charter Schools, and of public education being delivered through the Charter School system in conjunction with public school districts and local governments serving as chartering enterprises.    

Learning Objectives:

  1. Review the mechanics of California’s Charter School system and highlight the benefits that the charter modality presents for students, parents and educators
  2. Identify the major perils and the pitfalls that lenders, bonding agencies, and landlords may face in dealing with Charter School operators
  3. Highlight the process of: (i) securing a Charter; (ii) maintaining operational effectiveness in a regulatory environment; and (iii) dealing with California’s Brown Act in the governance of a quasi-public educational program

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