Dealing with a Difficult Client during the Mediation Process

Production Date: September 02, 2014 Practice Areas: Alternative Dispute Resolution Estimated Length: 5410 minutes


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Mediation has become one of the most valuable tools an attorney can use to settle a dispute. In this presentation, National Law Journal’s #1 mediator of 2014, Hon. John DiBlasi, discusses one of the most difficult challenges facing attorneys in the ADR process - dealing with the difficult client. The presentation examines this process, beginning with the preparation of the client, management of their expectations, and gaining acceptance and compromise at every stage of mediation. The presentation also focuses on the importance of maintaining client relations, a concern that attorneys face in this challenging environment every day.


Learning Objectives:

I.    Understand how to properly prepare the client for mediation

II.   Maximize the joint and break-out sessions

III.  Utilize the mediator to gain the client’s acceptance

IV.  Recognize how to handle the client when the case does and does not settle




Clayton H.
Tucson, AZ

Excellent presentation

Danielle C.
Star, ID

Very informative presentation and breakdown of mediation tactics and client preparedness/issues.

Ryan J.
Boise, ID

Great CLE!

Shelley M.
Newport Beach, CA

Great explanation of the mediation process. I've been a party to a mediation and had all those emotions!

Ryan N.
Emmett, ID

Good to hear from someone so experienced

Edward M.
Los Gatos, CA

Judge DiBlais is one of your best presenters.

Rachel P.
East Islip, NY

Great speaker with a common sense approach to the subject matter.

Paul K.
Dana Point, CA

very well done

Linda E.
Millburn, NJ

It’s was interesting

Amanda H.
San Jose, CA

wise words from a very experienced mediator

Chris R.
Las Vegas, NV

Fantastic seminar

Corey E.
Renton, WA

Thank you

Craig A.
Bellingham, WA

Phenomenal speaker!

Karen Y.
Bothell, WA

Very engaging speaker.

Karen M R.
Stamford, CT

excellent presentation

Steven S.
Boynton Beach, FL

Excellent course!

John Richard K.
Tyler, TX

What a really fine presentation. The presenter was most eloquent and intelligent!

Mark G.
Highland Village, TX

Excellent reinforcement of essential strategies and preparation.

Tom G.
Montgomery, TX

Excellent speaker. Good, sound, advice.

Joanna S.
Brooklyn, NV

very practical.

Devora L.
Orangeburg, NY

Good speaker

Kirk L.
Black Mountain, NC


Casandra B. W.
Chicago, IL

Absolutely Excellent Presentation-Thank You

Edith S.
Chicago, IL

this was by far the most well presented and practical content filled course that I have taken through Lawline or anyother CLE provider.

Dana P.
Rockville, MD

Very helpful

Steve W.
Highland Park, IL

Great tips for client expectations and positioning them for mediation success.

Patrick F.
Chesterfield, MO


Tomas E.
Brooklyn, NY

Well done.

Jane J.
Grapevine, TX

Obviously, presenter has extensive experience. Very thorough presentation.

Carl R.
Champaign, IL

Excellent presentation. Very clear and concise.

Pamela S.
Noblesville, IN

Best program I have listened to on lawline in a long time. I am in love with this guy! Smart, but humble, and very clear communicator. Impressive.

Kelly M.
Red Hook, NY

Good insights.

Rich W.
Rockford, IL

Very good presentation on Mediation preparation not just difficult clients.

Richard R.
Oak Park, IL

Highly competent attorney/judge. Excellent lecture.

Zvi S.
San Diego, CA


Robert H.
New York, NY


Miami, FL


Judith H.
St. Clair Shores, MI

Great speaker. Many good tips!

Garrick F.
Daytona Beach, FL

Good insight.

Michael G.
Houston, TX

Thanks Judge.

Thomas F.
Peconic, NY


Matthew M.
Armonk, NY

Excellent presentation

George A.
East Northport, NY

the best lifeline CLE I have seen

Gregory D.
Moscow, ID

Great overview from a very experienced mediator.

Lee H.
Arlinghton heights, IL

Really excellent!!! Great discussion of the importance of preparation, the pros and cons of the mediation process, and covers all the bases!!! The Judge has a certain confidence, poise and common sense approach which obviously makes him a great choice to mediate difficult cases!!!

Philip W.
Albany, CA


James C.

Outstanding Presentation

David J.
Pompano Beach, FL

This was a very informative course.

Judith R.
Short Hills, LB

Great lecturer.

Judy C.
Moscow, ID

Excellent presenter.

Sheila M.
Champaign, IL


Andrea P.
New York, NY

Probably best for those inexperienced in mediation. Most interesting to me was the discussion as to when the mediator brings up an issue in break out sessions.

Jodi E.
Deerfield, IL


Steven K.
Phoenix, AZ

Best Lawline CLE I have taken yet. i mediate cases, and the points and examples used by the speaker were spot on.

John H.
Gurnee, IL

Good course - excellent instructor.

Susana F.
Miami, FL

Fantastic on every level. It is wonderful to hear his wise, respectful, and compassionate approach to mediation.

Vera S.
Key Biscayne, FL



Excellent - the best!! Knows the subject & communicates it very well.

Catherine O.
Middle Village, NY

Great practical advice with a human touch1

James A.
St. George, UT

Very good presentation by an obviously wonderfully experienced mediator. Worth the time to watch. Good sound advice.

joe d.
Mesa, AZ

An excellent presentation on mediation by a man with significant experience. One of the best CLEs I have ever heard. Denny Dobbins

Phyllis C.
new suffolk, NY

Top shelf.

Thomas M.
Garden City, NY


William D.
tallahassee, FL

Very well done.

D. Larry G.
Riverside, CA

Wonderful listening to a master mediator.

Joshua C.
Wrightwood, CA

helpful ideas

Victor V.
Arlington, TX

This was the best lecture that I have listened to from your company.

Bradley C.
Memphis, TN

Good basic ideas

Jim W.
Mesa, AZ

Very good helpful

Joseph C.
Davis, CA

Excellent speaker. Please request another lecture from this speaker.

Patrick S.
Califon, NJ

Great information. Great for Plaintiff and insurance attorneys.

Ornah L.
Long Beach, CA

Great lecturer!! :)

Heather H.
Portsmouth, VA

Excellent information presented in a concise, intuitive manner

Mark B.
Arlington, VA

Great combo of strategy, principle, and practical examples. Really enjoyed this one.

Michael A.
Philadelphia, PA

Lots of good advice here.

Senna A.
Springfield, VA

An enjoyable presentation on a topic that many of us find challenging.

Paul S.
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Excellent presentation.

Jason O.
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great speaker

Robert W.
Charleston, SC


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Donald K.

Well organized, valuable points made, clearly presented.

Steven P.
Pinehurst, NC

Excellent presentation from a clearly qualified former judge

Richard R.
Brooklyn, NY

Excellent speaker on an important and difficult subject, especially if you're in house, like me, and your principals sit right next to you as you try to prep them for mediation.

Leslie M.
Vienna, VA

Great course! Plan to take more by the same speaker!

Glenn A.
Ronkonkoma, NY


David F.
Hoboken, NJ

Lecturer is most knowledgeable, informative and clearly communicates the subject matter.

San Jose, CA

This is a great course that deals not only with difficult clients during mediation, but also various strategic and tactical approaches during the entire mediation process -- start-to-finish.

Robin B.
Arlington, VA

Useful in many situations.

Jose L.
Salt Lake City, UT


Merrick W.
Houston, TX

Excellent presentation containing many practical suggestions, especially with respect to wrongful death cases.

Mark W.
Glenview, IL

Excellent presentation

David M.
San Diego, CA

I'm a big fan of this gentleman. This is his second lecture in a row where he shared very meaningful insights into the mediation process.

Donald D.
Salt Lake City, UT

Actually, quite excellent!

Anthony P.
Tucson, AZ

Very repetitive

Erin A.
Santa Rosa, CA

Really interesting and I'd like to use him as a mediator!

Jamie N.
North Salt Lake, UT

I listened to this as an mp3 and found that the speaker was very easy to listen to and understand.

Patrick C.
Dallas, TX

Very insightful; well done.

Walter T.
Yorktown, VA


Michel E.
New York, NY

Great to hear a judge's perspective.

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Vienna, VA

Excellent speaker.

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Austin, TX

Excellent speaker---very knowledgeable.

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Had trouble with the materials on this course. Put most of detail was in presentation, so not a big problem. Very good course!

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Best course I've taken with Lawline.

John K.
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Valuable information presented in a clear and concise manner. Thank you for a great presentation.

Angela V.
Jacksonville, NC

Great Speaker!

David S.
waco, TX


Judith P.
Seattle, WA

Very well done. Really appreciated the nuts and bolts approach to educating the client.

R. Sean M.
Allen, TX

Good presentation and informative materials.

Andrew S.
Poulsbo, WA

outstanding job!

William J.

Excellent course. Excellent speaker.

Suzanne J.
Houston, TX

Great examples.

Mary G.
Alexandria, VA

EXCELLENT class, much more what I expected from the course description.

Ralph K.
Murfreesboro, TN

Very helpful about a touchy subject!

Dalinda G.
Edinburg, TX

this was an excellent presentation

Whitney S.
Waxahachie, TX

Very good teacher

Daniel M.
Metaire, LA

The instructor was obviously very knowledgeable about the topic and presented the information he provided in a well organized clear and concise manner.

Ray H.
Galveston, TX


Duane D.
Hendersonville, TN

one of the best CLE presentations

John N.
Houston, TX

Very helpful----

Diane M.
Queens, NY

very good class.

Kathy H.
Houston, TX

Excellent presentation.

Jerry S.
Killeen, TX


David L.
Trabuco Canyon, CA

Really excellent speaker - New York former judge. I would like to have Judge DiBlasi as a mediator in a case. .

Greg B.
White Plains, NY

Very articulate and well structured speaker.

Mindi S.
New York, NY

very good lecture

Lawrence R. F.
mchenry, IL

a consummate professional.

Michael J.
Lake Forest, IL

A great presenter

amy l.
Hudson, NY

excellent presentation!

Rochelle L.
Bronxville, NY

Would love to see this expanded to non court ordered mediation, but to mediation as an alternative to arbitration

Terence F.
Chicago, IL

By far the best presentation on any subject that I have heard in this cycle of courses. Simply superior.

Folasade A.
Centreville, VA

Hon. John DiBlasi was most engaging on the topic. Deliberate and thorough presentation. Instructive lecture.

Melanie L.
Northport, NY

I have held many mediations before Judge DiBlasi. He is one of the best out there because he understands the process and emotions involved on both sides. Great presentation and great speaker!

Julie A. B.
Hiles, WI

Thorough presentation skillfully and engagingly delivered.