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Cybersecurity Fundamentals: What You Need to Know to Stay Compliant & Current in a Changing Landscape


Created on August 25, 2020





Perhaps in no other area of the law does the landscape change faster than cybersecurity. As attorneys, it is important to understand the fundamentals of cybersecurity law, particularly when it comes to data breach protection, incident response, and business recovery. It is also vital to stay current on developments in the field, and keep apprised of changes in insurance coverage, regulatory changes, or court intervention. Kellam T. Parks of Parks Zeigler, PLLC will provide the foundation attorneys need to stay compliant and current in today's cybersecurity landscape by providing an overview of the current regulatory framework governing data privacy, reviewing the critical components of data breach avoidance plans and incident response plans, surveying recent challenges in cybersecurity insurance, and much more.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Examine the current regulatory framework governing data privacy
  2. Identify the key parts to a Data Breach Avoidance Plan and an Incident Response Plan
  3. Review the cybersecurity insurance landscape and challenges
  4. Learn litigation trends, particularly attorney-work product doctrine relating to hired cybersecurity consultants 

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