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Cybersecurity & Federal Contractors: Taking Stock of the Explosion in Requirements

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Created on October 29, 2018




Cybersecurity is a red-hot topic, due in part to several high-profile cyber attacks on the U.S. Government and businesses. The government has taken substantial steps to protect its electronic information from hostile intrusions, including, in recent years, imposing a large number of cybersecurity requirements on government contractors. In 2016 alone, the government enacted numerous significant cybersecurity procurement regulations – and more are on the way. This growing thicket of regulations presents significant risks for companies that conduct business with the government, including an array of potential consequences for noncompliance. Additionally, the cybersecurity regulations can be complicated, costly, and burdensome. They include highly technical rules that require using IT specialists to address.

In this course, Miles & Stockbridge lawyers Ray Monroe, Cameron Hamrick, and Pete Dungan guide you through the explosion of federal procurement cybersecurity regulations in the past few years; explain key aspects of the 2016 regulations, as well as other regulations and related developments; and provide compliance advice. The course draws on their detailed understanding of the regulations and decades of experience advising government contractors on how to understand and comply with complex procurement requirements.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Give context and status to the dramatic increase in the number of Federal Government cybersecurity procurement regulations in recent years
  2. Address the 2016 Federal Acquisition Regulation rule concerning safeguarding "covered contractor information systems"
  3. Break down the 2016 regulations covering Controlled Unclassified Information
  4. Take a deep dive into the Department of Defense FAR Supplement (DFARS) cybersecurity requirements
  5. Discuss cybersecurity requirements for classified contracts as well as the cybersecurity requirements that are in the works and are expected to be issued

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