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Cybersecurity: A Legal How-To Guide For Advanced Practitioners

1h 1m

Created on August 28, 2017



Data breaches and cybersecurity incidents are on the rise, and companies must proactively take steps to protect themselves to mitigate risk. This session will cover the cybersecurity issues that affect most global organizations today. From understanding the cybersecurity landscape and current government initiatives in the U.S., to global breach notification rules and responding to a cyber incident, Hunton & Williams associate Brittany Bacon will discuss how companies should get their house in order before a cybersecurity incident occurs.

In addition, privacy and data security are now a growing concern in corporate transactions. This program will address the importance of considering privacy and data security issues in corporate transactions and the role of the board in cyber governance.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Identify best practices and advanced tips for protecting your company from data breaches before they happen
  2. Explore the contours of a solid cyber-compliance program
  3. Discuss recent cybersecurity incidents and predictions for the future

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