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Cyber Security for Attorneys: First Steps to Protecting Yourself Now - Part 1

3h 8m

Created on June 03, 2016



Even a cursory look at recent news stories makes it clear that digital threats are on the rise. Attackers often view lawyers and law firms as high value, soft targets for cyber attacks, social engineering scams and data theft.

In Part 1 of a 2-part program, attorney and information security consultant Scott Aurnou discusses numerous data security threats and how to mitigate the associated risk to your firm. He begins by covering technology and security basics, before moving on to specific threats facing computers, mobile devices and networks. He talks about how these attacks occur and what you can do to safeguard yourself and your practice. 

In "Cyber Security for Attorneys: First Steps to Protecting Yourself Now - Part 2," Mr. Aurnou will continue with a discussion of password attacks, incident response, and computer security do's and don'ts. 

Learning Objectives:

I.     Understand the fundamental technology underlying cyber security

II.    Recognize the basic cyber-related threats facing a modern organization

III.   Comprehend the essential steps needed to safeguard client and firm data found in a modern law firm computer network

IV.   Understand the basic methods and tools used to protect computers, mobile devices and networks

V.    Comprehend the importance of using secure day-to-day processes to protect your office

VI.   Recognize how hackers try to trick people and how to avoid becoming a victim

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