Cyber Security 101 - DOD Contractor Compliance: Legal, Technical, and Accounting Perspectives

Production Date: July 10, 2017 Practice Areas: Contract Law and Administrative Law Estimated Length: 3667 minutes


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This course addresses the emerging cyber compliance requirements that are newly common to most federal contractors and subcontractors, especially those that generate, receive, transmit and process government information. The program will focus on Department of Defense cyber requirements embodied in its primary contract clauses and regulations, including applicable NIST standards.

This program provides a multi-stakeholder perspective of this complex and important area of federal contracting bringing together legal, technical and accounting inputs from three seasoned advisors. This approach underscores the importance of collaboration between lead key stakeholders within each company in order to achieve full compliance with the government’s many cyber requirements.

Learning Objectives: 

  1. Develop a deeper understanding of DOD cyber requirements to better advise and assist clients in achieving cyber compliance
  2. Learn about the more challenging aspects achieving of cyber compliance from a leading information security expert
  3. Gain sensitivity to business cost of developing and implementing cyber security infrastructure and the cost allowability implications under government cost accounting rules
  4. Learn more about what you know and what you do not know about government contracting cyber security
  5. Recognize the importance of having multiple stakeholders within the company involved in the process of developing information security infrastructure 

Erica C.
Fairfax, VA

I would listen to courses by Heather Engle again. Hilary Cairnie is folksy but he does make it easy to remember points he emphasizes.

Allan S.
San Antonio, TX

Nicely done. Great program.

Kathryn A.
Williamsburg, VA

thank you

Stefanie L.
Northport, AL

I really enjoyed the speakers. They were both very knowledgeable and provided a lot of information in a very concise way.

Elliot F.
Tucson, AZ

Good presentation of a very expansive topic.

Richard G.
Vienna, VA

Interesting, complex, and timely subject.

Michele S.
San Antonio, TX

Top notch presenters!

Debora M.
Raleigh, NC

I enjoyed this.