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Cyber Risk Pitfalls, Policies, Procedures & Protection: What You Need To Know


Created on May 16, 2016



According to a report by Price Waterhouse Coopers, four out of five U.S.-based CEOs fear that cyber attacks can ruin business forecasts. In today’s cyber world, the size of a company is not the determining factor in whether it may be a victim of a cyber attack. Join attorneys Michael Cardello and Steve Rubin, as well as Elevate Captives’ David Kotowski and Jerry Messick as they address this timely subject. This panel discusses issues such as cyber risk, policies and procedures, cyber insurance, and how a captive insurance company can be one of your best tools. They help attorneys understand how different states treat cyber attacks, various legal reporting requirements, and how to protect clients with the right legal documents and overall increased risk protection.  

Learning Objectives:

  1. Address the overall view of cyber risk
  2. Recognize the types of cyber attacks
  3. Grasp the role you, as an attorney, can play in protecting your client or company both before and after a cyber attack
  4. Protect your company through the establishment of proper policies and procedure
  5. Use technology to protect your data
  6. Understand the commercial cyber insurance market and potential pitfalls
  7. Identify how to use a captive insurance to protect and finance your potential risk from cyber attacks

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