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Cyber Risk and Cyber Insurance: The 5 Things Every In-House Counsel Needs to Know


Created on August 10, 2017




Since last summer, cybersecurity has sprung to the front and center of not only the news, but the boardroom as well. However, understanding cybersecurity defensive solutions and the cybersecurity risk has been described as "an enigma shrouded by a mystery." With the recent settlement of a data breach litigation for $115 million, there can be no question that cybersecurity is a topic that can hurt even the largest company, especially if they do not purchase cyber insurance. This presentation, presented by Paul Ferrillo, will unwrap the mystery of cybersecurity in a plain-English fashion, and will discuss when and how to purchase cybersecurity insurance.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Understand why cyber risk matters and how it translates into insurance
  2. Review stand-alone cyber insurance, including what it covers and what it doesn't
  3. Identify recent trends in the cyber world
  4. Discuss the underwriting process for cyber insurance
  5. Gain five key takeaways related to the purchase of cyber insurance

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