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Custody & Support Modifications in New York: What to Know and How to Decide the Best Way to Proceed While Protecting Your Client's Interests

1h 42m

Created on June 27, 2017




This course, presented by family law attorney Alissa Van Horn, will break down the issues affecting ex-spouses/co-parents who are post-divorce (or post-family court orders) that are unhappy with the results of their divorce/agreement/orders, and/or those who are trying to change the terms of a judicial determination by arguing a change in circumstances. This program will answer the following question: what determines when a litigant can successfully pursue a change in custody, support and/or parenting time? It will take a deeper look at issues such as Relocation, Parental Alienation, and the effects of an Equal Parenting schedule. The program will also explore the impact of the financial support. Lastly, you will learn how and why the law has evolved, and how to navigate your way to successful litigation.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Outline the law related to Custody, Relocation, Parental Alienation, and Co-parenting
  2. Discuss current trends in Family Court & Supreme Court in New York
  3. Review jurisdictional considerations
  4. Decide when a forensic evaluation is necessary and how to use it to resolve and/or litigate your case
  5. Gain an understanding of the impact and application of Tropea v. Tropea
  6. Understand what is considered by the courts in making a "best interests of the child" determination
  7. Build a prima facie showing for a "change in circumstances"
  8. Receive practical tips concerning how to speak to, counsel, and advocate for your client in his or her own best interests using real experience and examples. For example, when do you tell your client what to do and what not to do?

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