Cross-Examination of the Negative Defense Medical Examination Physician

Production Date: March 28, 2014 Practice Areas: Litigation Estimated Length: 7277 minutes


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In a personal injury lawsuit, the defendant's insurance carrier will invariably hire litigation doctors on its behalf to examine the plaintiff. This is done in order to have a professional witness testify at trial for the purpose of assisting in the defense of the case with respect to minimizing the damages suffered by the plaintiff. These "hired guns" will opine that: the plaintiff did not sustain any injury as a result of the subject incident and/or has made a complete recovery. These highly paid witnesses are usually experienced and skilled at convincing a jury of their "expert" opinions.  


This course is designed to teach the plaintiff's attorney how to use the adverse party expert that performed the Insurance Medical Examination [IME] to help prove the plaintiff's case, and undermine these negative opinions and attack the credibility of this witness.   


Learning Objectives: 

I.     Know the structure, elements and style of an effective cross-examination 

II.    Gain familiarity with a typical negative IME and how to win a significant plaintiff's verdict by using specific techniques

III.   Learn actual questions/answers from real cases  

IV.   Illustrate the power of a "positive" cross-examination and how and when to impeach the witness and show their bias


Robert P.
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One of the very best Lawline programs I've seen - just masterful.

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Georgia M.
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The attorney was definitely knowledgeable, likeable, engaging and clear, however the insurance company-retained physician examples he used were, frankly, very biased (eg 100% defense work), unethical, kicked out of medical board, and eminently impeachable (conflicting testimony in past depos). I'm used to working with physician experts who are more balanced, from USC Keck School of Medicine, or Cedars Sinai, or UCLA- retained as experts by defense firms- where they can't pull those stunts and wont be retained by defense. However- all the war story tips for cross were very good and need to be shared.

Helena W.
Burbank, CA

Tremendous insights and great closing consequences to Defendants ... !!

Robert L.
Linwood, NJ

The instructor did a great and interesting presentation.

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Excellent presentation and excellent use of cross examination technique throughout

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One of the most informative, well constucted, practical and useful CLE courses i have taken in my over 40 years of practice. Very well done. The presenter is an excellent teacher. Than you for taking the time to present this course.

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Robert Genis is obviously a dedicated trial attorney who has mastered his art; who gives tips and a practical outline for the hostile defense doctor cross examination. Well worth the time, even if you don't practice in New York.

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An awesome tour de force. Useful info for many situations beyond cross of defense medical expert.

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