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Critical Considerations When Drafting and Negotiating Federal Government Subcontracts

1h 2m

Created on July 17, 2018




In the unique world of Federal government contracting, subcontracts can be a tricky business. When done incorrectly, prime contractors can end up in a horrible position - stuck between the owner and their subcontractors, fighting a battle on two fronts. This program will teach you how to successfully advise clients who are navigating the subcontracting process on a Federal contract so that they may avoid that result.  

Join experienced Federal contracting attorney Michael Richard of Cohen Seglias as he discusses the key concepts to keep in mind when drafting or negotiating Federal government subcontracts, including FAR flow-downs, disputes and payment clauses, and pass-through claims. He will also cover issues relating to prime v. subcontractor disputes, and, for attorneys with clients in the construction industry, critical considerations pertaining to Miller act claims.

Learning Objectives:
  1. Discuss FAR flow down provisions: what they are, what purpose the serve, and when they are required
  2. Review key provisions you should include in every Federal government subcontract
  3. Articulate the distinctions between claims between primes and their subs on one hand, and pass through claims against the owner on the other hand
  4. Grasp the basics of Federal Miller Act claims

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