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Critical Considerations for Mediation

1h 4m

Created on December 02, 2021





Successful mediation hinges on numerous factors at play before you even step into the room. This program will discuss negotiation tactics and strategies to bring the mediator to your side of the table, to set client expectations from the outset, and other critical components to achieving a mediated "win".

This program is presented by D. Margeaux Thomas, an experienced trial attorney with a demonstrated history in commercial dispute resolution.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Identify when and why to mediate; timing matters.
  2. Prepare your client (and yourself) for mediation.
    1. Identify your client's best alternative to the negotiated agreement;
    2. Manage your client's expectations;
    3. Identify and advance your case theory before the mediation begins.
  3. Develop best practices for achieving a favorable resolution, and overcoming impasse, at mediation.
  4. Review closure and implementation: why to ditch the term sheet.

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