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Criminal Mitigation: How to Humanize Your Client to Gain A Better Outcome

1h 4m

Created on March 30, 2020





This course, presented by experienced attorney and forensic psychologist Mark Silver, provides an overview of criminal mitigation for criminal defense lawyers. The program reviews various humanizing processes that a criminal law attorney can utilize to better advocate for his or her client. Mr. Silver discusses how the use of psychological analysis, which can also impact the factual analysis of the case, can paint a more positive picture of a client and increase their chances of success in the courtroom. Both experienced and novice lawyers will gain important insight into various criteria to consider and deploy at the pre-sentence or pre-plea stage of representation.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Summarize the definition and applicability of mitigation to a defendant's case
  2. Identify the multi-purpose uses of mitigation in the course of defense
  3. Examine how criminal mitigation can best assist one's client
  4. Describe which clients most benefit from criminal mitigation and why

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