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Criminal Justice Advocacy for Survivors of Trafficking

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Produced on March 17, 2016

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Course Information

Time 60 minutes
Difficulty Intermediate

Course Description

This course explores how survivors of human trafficking interact with the criminal justice system, most frequently by virtue of their own arrest and prosecution. Practitioners will learn the importance of criminal justice advocacy for survivors and victims of trafficking, including criminal record reviews and post-conviction relief.


Specifically, the course charts the national effort to draft, pass, enact and implement vacatur laws allowing survivors to petition to clear prior criminal records and the critical importance of such laws to survivor empowerment.


Finally, lawyers – defenders, civil legal services organizations and pro bono partners – will learn how to creatively use these innovative laws to attain a crucial form of justice for survivor clients and ameliorate the harmful impact of criminalization.


Learning Objectives:

I.     Become familiar with working definitions of human trafficking in the U.S. and relevant statutes

II.    Understand how victims of human trafficking are frequently arrested and prosecuted for conduct in which they were compelled to engage

III.   Identify the specific ways in which criminalization can harm survivors and victims of trafficking, including preventing access to education, housing, and employment

IV.   Explore innovative laws being enacted across the country offering post-conviction relief in the form of vacatur of prior convictions for survivors of trafficking

V.     Learn best practices for attorneys seeking to represent survivors of trafficking in post-conviction cases, including how to work with survivors of trauma, gather corroboration, and navigate concerns around privacy and law enforcement involvement

VI.    Map potential areas for partnership and collaboration – particularly with respect to opportunities for pro bono attorneys to work with defenders, service providers and other advocates

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Kate Mogulescu

Brooklyn Law School

Professor Kate Mogulescu joined Brooklyn Law School in fall 2017 as an Assistant Professor of Clinical Law after 14 years with The Legal Aid Society, where she served as a supervising attorney in the Criminal Defense Practice. Her work and scholarship focus largely on gender issues in the criminal legal system, with special attention to human trafficking. In 2011, she founded the Exploitation Intervention Project, which represents victims of trafficking and exploitation and sex workers who are prosecuted in New York City. She also developed and continues to lead the Survivor Reentry Project at the American Bar Association Commission on Domestic & Sexual Violence, a national training and technical assistance initiative on post-conviction advocacy for survivors of trafficking.

Professor Mogulescu has served as a speaker and specialist on human trafficking for the U.S. Embassy Public Affairs Section in India, and has also testified before the New York City Council, the New York State Legislature, and the United Nations Human Rights Committee. She regularly trains public defenders, prosecutors, and other members of the criminal justice community in best practices, and advocates extensively against the criminalization of vulnerable and exploited people.

Her critical analysis of human trafficking policy and discourse has been published in the Florida Law Review, the CUNY Law Review, and the Anti-Trafficking Review. She has also been widely featured in popular media, including an op-ed in The New York Times in 2014 titled “The Super Bowl and Sex Trafficking,” and she has been profiled in The Guardian and The Village Voice.


Janet B.

Very good and informative, especially about vacatur law.

Maxine B.

Excellent presentation. One of the best I've seen on Lawline.

Robert S.

very good case examples

Kelly G.

One of the best. Your passion for this important work will motivate us to do more.

Patricia D.

Instructor was great, great presentation skills. Please have her back!

Heidi E.

Helpful perspective and resources.

John P.

Compelling subject, great speaker. Always a pleasure to listen to someone who is passionate about what they do.

Susan C.

Very informative

Mary Ann M.

I would give 5s if they existed.

Pat C.

Good Area to discuss.

Elizabeth B.

Very enlightening and encouraging. Kate's dedication to this issue is inspiring.

Richard C.

Superb presentation. Kate was passionate in her empathy toward the victims of trafficking, and this has to rub off on all of us who heard her message. She was well prepared and conveyed the need for all attorneys to get involved in a pro bono capacity.

Arthur R.

Very informative and very moving

lindsay k.

This program was fantastic. It had wonderful information for my practice with human trafficking victims.

Cynthia R.

fabulous speaker

Brian D.

Wonderfully inspiring!

Kathryn M.

I appreciate gaining more insight into this area of law. I thought it was a very well constructed presentation. I hope to be able to implement what I learned in Iowa someday.

James O.

High praise!

Alfred D.

Best presentation on the subject i have seen. I would be interested in getting involved with the pro bono aspect of this agency.

Cullen M.

Excellent presentation. I was deeply moved by the presenter's vision dedication to her practice in this area of the law.

Emily D.

Really fantastic instructor

Julie A. B.

Knowledgeable speaker is passionate about this area of law. Her manner and delivery is inspiring and motivating. Good use of examples to support key points and remind the viewer that the client survivor has a voice and narrative that deserves to be heard. Appreciated the practice tips sprinkled throughout the program (e.g., employing active listening, empowering clients, and encouraging connection with therapists who provide critical emotional support). Will likely follow up on the Survivor Reentry Project (ambar.org/srp) to secure appropriate training and technical assistance.

Carrie O.


Robert M.

Very good presentation

Elizabeth E.

Speaker is obviously knowledgeable and passionate about what she does. Very refreshing.

Laura c.

Excellent presentation!!!!!!! Inspiring work---

Diane E.


Virginia J.

Excellent presenter.

Gary D.

Tremendous insight into a tragic and persistent exploitation of heman beings.

Kolby G.

Clear she cares a great deal about this topic.

Carolyn G.

Thank you for providing meaningful CLE classes like this one.

Jacquelyne R.

Great presentation of an emerging area of practice.

Debra H.

excellent. important work!

Andrew D G.

Well presented

Henry S. S.

Very interesting, informative and well-presented.

michael f.

refreshing to see someone who cares.

Eric P.

Well done.

Gregory B.

Fascinating topic.

Sharon A.

Enlightening and informative

John L.

very motivating.

Karen F.

This course is life changing.

Maureen C.

Speaker is clearly very passionate about the topic, which always makes a presentation more interesting. Thank you.

cheryl l.


Jennifer W.

Very well done

Larry J. S.

held my attention

pamela s.

Wow, great topic and great presenter. I didn't even get full credit (I started too late), but it was worth it. Thank you.

Nytasha T.

a little longer would have liked to know more about advocacy programs

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