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Creating a Trial Notebook and Effective Use of Evidence in California

1h 30m

Created on January 27, 2017




You must be organized and prepared on the first day of trial. A jury and/or judge can sense when a trial attorney is not prepared, and there is nothing more embarrassing then scrambling for documents and searching for pleadings while the jury is waiting patiently in the jury box. This not only annoys the judge, but also irritates the jury, so much so that they may vote against your client during deliberations.

You must organize your case succinctly and professionally prior to the first day of trial to avoid humiliation and frustration. Analyzing, evaluating and creating your trial notebook is critical to a successful trial and obtaining a positive outcome for your client. You must have everything at your fingertips. You also must fully understand and appreciate the California Evidence Code, as well as the California Code of Civil Procedure when presenting your case to a judge and/or jury.

This course, presented by Michael H. Raichelson, owner and operator of RaichelsonLaw, P.C., provides you with clear and concise information on how to create a trial notebook, and also provides insight into the nuances of the California Evidence Code. The written materials include samples of major portions of a trial notebook, as well as information on where to locate necessary resources for your trial notebook.

Learning Objectives: 

  1. Know the contents of an effective trial notebook

  2. Evaluate and prepare jury instructions and special verdict forms under California law

  3. Understand the California Evidence Code and its interactions with other California Codes impacting the effective presentation of evidence at trial

  4. Identify how your discovery requests and responses can be effectively used under the California Evidence Code at trial

  5. Present documents and/or testimony at trial while overcoming objections to your evidence

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