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Counseling the Local Food Movement in New York (Part 1)

1h 35m

Created on October 24, 2013



This program aims to give an overview of laws affecting the local food movement in New York. Among the topics to be covered by agriculture attorney, Cari Rincker are: Direct marketing, covering issues pertaining to farmers’ markets, roadside stands and Community Supported Agriculture (CSA’s); Home-based food processing (i.e., cottage food operations); Product liability; insurance; and Food Safety Modernization Act exemptions. Upon completion of this course, viewing attorney will possess a greater understanding of the myriad of legal issues affecting the local food movement. This is the first course in a two-part series.

Learning Objectives:

I.     Navigate regulatory framework affecting U.S.. and New York food and agriculture

II.    Recognize legal issues of direct farm marketing and current mechanisms

III.   Identify legal issues for various direct farm marketing methods such as:

  • Farmers’ markets
  • CSA Agreements
  • Land use
  • Zoning concerns

IV.    Manage exemptions for cottage food operations and the law in New York for these businesses

VIII.  Decipher laws affecting NY on-farm poultry slaughter including:

  • The 1000 Bird Exemption
  • Article 5-A licenses

IX.    Read and apply the National Organic Program and its application procedures

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