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Counseling the Client to Comply with I-9 Form Processes and Avoid Discrimination Suits

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Produced on December 11, 2020

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Course Information

Time 1h 32m
Difficulty Intermediate
Topics covered in this course: Immigration

Course Description

Form I-9, Employment Eligibility Verification (“Form I-9”) is used to document identity and work authorization of persons employed in the United States.  Every employer is required to correctly execute them within three days of an employee beginning to work for pay but many organizations find the process challenging. Not all companies have Form I-9 policies and many which do have not looked at their policies in many years. As a result, they may face significant fines and business interruptions if they are caught up in one of the increasingly common Form I-9 Audits. Advising employers to comply and providing Form I-9 execution training may create significant civil liability though because the federal government aggressively pursues civil actions for discrimination against employers. A solid understanding of how to assess and rectify Form I-9 compliance issues while avoiding discrimination claims is important to attorneys who represent employers and employees. This program, presented by experienced practitioners David Berlin and David Spaulding, is designed to equip attorneys with a basic understanding of the processes, liabilities, and context of the various I-9 enforcement mechanisms they will likely encounter if a client runs afoul of the law.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Gain practical pointers for I-9 compliance

  2. Review how to respond to I-9 audits

  3. Develop best practices for avoiding discrimination suits while conducting I-9 processes

Credit Information

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David Berlin

Weisberg Law Offices

David Berlin is a versatile litigator who has secured multiple jury verdicts for his clients. Before entering the law, David's four years as a journalist writing for the San Diego Union-Tribune prepared him to be an investigator.

In his seven years as a practicing attorney he has effectuated change and influenced the futures of individuals and companies alike. David now handles cases nationwide. Some examples include protecting people from police abuse, advocating for victims of employment discrimination, and navigating business disputes. 

David is a problem solver for businesses, big and small, handling contractual disputes and litigation strategy. David’s tireless advocacy in the courtroom, knowledge of the law, and detailed fact analysis have consistently produced results. He is entrusted to manage complex and high-stakes disputes in state and federal courts, including appellate work, and private arbitrations.

David’s abiding interest in social justice has also led him to become active in writing and speaking about civil rights issues – particularly against minorities. In keeping with his philosophy that “Knowledge is Power” he has developed a program to educate community members as to their civil rights.

David earned his B.A. from The George Washington University and his J.D. from Penn State Dickinson School of Law. David can be reached at dberlin@weisberglawoffices.com or 484/432-1073.

David Spaulding

Green and Spiegel

David Spaulding is a general immigration law practitioner and Green and Spiegel’s Compliance and Regulatory Practice Counsel.  He brings substantial immigration, enforcement, and management experience to a practice which helps clients assess and manage worksite enforcement liabilities. As a former investigator and manager, he is uniquely positioned to advise clients on government oversight and harnesses the firm’s business innovation assets to solve workforce challenges.

His practice provides confidential auditing, investigation, reporting, and litigation assistance to clients.  When engaged prior to enforcement actions, our firm works closely with management teams to explore innovative recruiting and employment solutions.  If enforcement actions are initiated, David’s team is highly successful in mitigating the effects of government audits, inspections, and investigations.

David’s twenty-three years as an immigration officer and manager provides him with an unparalleled understanding of worksite enforcement actions.  His team provides a uniquely personalized service which helps companies craft and execute the policies and procedures which support business goals and development.  David’s enterprise value services provide efficient and invaluable information to those seeking to buy and sell closely held corporations.

David earned his B.A. from La Salle University and his J.D. from Temple University School of Law.  Prior to joining Green and Spiegel, David was an immigration officer and manager.  He has extensive experience in inspections, adjudications, and investigations and oversaw worksite enforcement activities and administrative investigations, for United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS).  David can be reached at dspaulding@GANDS-US.com or (484)645-4194.


Diana F.

Very interesting course, excellent presentation and amazing speakers

Erin f.

excellent presenters, knowledgeable and interesting

Thomas D.

Extremely critical information for I-9 process and discrimination pitfalls.

Jeffrey W.

Presentation was very well done

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