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Corporate Record Books? I Think They're at My Lawyer's Office (Update)

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Created on November 21, 2017




The purpose of a corporation is to shield the owner(s) personal assets from liabilities that may arise when the business is facing liability from a creditor or a plaintiff's lawsuit. However, this protection could be lost if you fail to maintain accurate record books. In this program, attorney and CPA Roman Basi, presents the fundamental laws of corporate record keeping and makes them memorable by sharing cautionary tales of business owners who did not keep proper records and personally suffered the consequences.

Mr. Basi explains in detail how proper records should be created and maintained. He also provides sample forms and explanations of how corporate entities should use them, as well as a comprehensive checklist every attorney should use when assisting in the formation of a company.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Recognize the importance of corporate records
  2. Identify what corporate record books actually are
  3. Determine when to hold meetings and make resolutions, as well as how shareholders are able to vote at a corporate meeting
  4. Comprehend the importance of formalities, maintain order, and understand why it is necessary to do so
  5. Gain familiarity with different types of entities

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