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Copyright Permissions & Social Media Marketing

1h 1m

Created on October 25, 2017



With the broad reach of social media marketing, many businesses find themselves facing novel copyright licensing and permissions questions every day. Before sharing materials across social media platforms, clients need the ability to issue-spot whether permissions or copyright clearances must be obtained. Misconceptions regarding the formalities and rules surrounding copyright law in the United States abound, and need to be discussed before developing a system for protecting creative work as well as handling permissions analysis and licensing requests.

This program, taught by Christine E. Weller, an Associate in Griesing Law, LLC's Intellectual Property & Technology practice group, will prepare you to discuss copyright management both offensively and defensively with clients, and will include practical tips for guarding copyright protected materials and avoiding claims of copyright infringement when using social media as a marketing tool. 

Learning Objectives:

  1. Understand basic terms and concepts in copyright law
  2. Discuss the common misconceptions surrounding copyright protection, especially in regard to social media
  3. Identify practical tips, with reference to recent cases, in the digital space and beyond

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