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Copyright Permissions & Social Media Marketing

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Produced on October 25, 2017

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Course Description

With the broad reach of social media marketing, many businesses find themselves facing novel copyright licensing and permissions questions every day. Before sharing materials across social media platforms, clients need the ability to issue-spot whether permissions or copyright clearances must be obtained. Misconceptions regarding the formalities and rules surrounding copyright law in the United States abound, and need to be discussed before developing a system for protecting creative work as well as handling permissions analysis and licensing requests.

This program, taught by Christine E. Weller, an Associate in Griesing Law, LLC’s Intellectual Property & Technology practice group, will prepare you to discuss copyright management both offensively and defensively with clients, and will include practical tips for guarding copyright protected materials and avoiding claims of copyright infringement when using social media as a marketing tool. 

Learning Objectives:

  1. Understand basic terms and concepts in copyright law
  2. Discuss the common misconceptions surrounding copyright protection, especially in regard to social media
  3. Identify practical tips, with reference to recent cases, in the digital space and beyond

Credit Information

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Christine works closely with for-profit, higher education, and nonprofit clients on intellectual property and new media matters including commission agreements, copyright and trademark clearances, reviewing licensing requests, privacy policies, and data retention policies. She advises on employment matters, including Pennsylvania background check requirements, and employee screening.

Christine also assists on nonprofit governance issues including bylaw review and nonprofit tax compliance on the local, state, and federal level. Christine has a broad background in charitable planned giving, and has worked with general counsel at two large nonprofit institutions to make promised gifts a success for the public, the donor, and the receiving institution.

Christine graduated cum laude from Drexel University, Thomas R. Kline School of Law, and cum laude from the University of Pennsylvania with a degree in Art History and English. At Drexel, Christine focused her study on areas where art and the law intersect which included an independent study of the Art Advisory Panel of the IRS. She received an award for the best student performance in copyrights, and was selected to serve as a research assistant by both her constitutional law and trusts and estates professors. Christine was also actively involved with the Women’s Law Society, and the Drexel Summer Theory Institute. 

Before law school, Christine worked within the visual arts sector. She has worked with collectors, university art galleries, private and

public collections, alternative arts and culture spaces, auction houses, art fairs, international art scholars and curators, as well as local and international artists. While working as the collections manager of a university art collection, she developed her interest in copyrights, new media, trusts and estates, taxes, and nonprofit law.

Outside the firm, Christine was a Higginbotham Fellow at the Philadelphia Volunteer Lawyers for the Arts and has volunteered with the Senior Law Center.


  • University of Pennsylvania, B.A., English and Art History, cum laude
  • Thomas R. Kline School of Law, Drexel University, J.D., cum laude

Bar Admissions

  • Pennsylvania 
  • New Jersey 
  • U.S. District Court, Eastern District of Pennsylvania

Community Involvement

  • Leadership Council on Legal Diversity, Pathfinder, 2016
  • Leah Stein Dance Company, Member, Board of Directors, 2015
  • Young Involved Philadelphia Board Prep Program, 2015
  • Volunteer, Philadelphia Volunteer Lawyers for the Arts, 2013-2015 


  • Spanish

Training and Publications

  • “Outsourcing IT While Protecting Student Data and Your Institution’s Reputation” – Co-Author, The Legal Intelligencer, March 2016 
  • “Review of Recent Changes Relating to Handling of Client Funds” – Co-Author, The Legal Intelligencer, September 2015
  • “When an Online Griper Becomes a Cyber-Squatter” – Co-Author, The New Jersey Law Journal, September 2015
  • “Consciously Criminal: Cyberstalking and Internet Threats in the Third Circuit” – Co-Author, The New Jersey Law Journal, August 2015
  • “The Instagram Appropriator: Thief or Forward Thinker?” – Author, The Legal Intelligencer Blog, June 2015
  • “More than Just ‘Street Cred’: Why Intellectual Property Rights Matter to Street Artists” – Author, Center for Art Law, May 2015
  • “Finding a Firm with a Passion for the Arts” – Author, Law Practice Today, May, 2015
  • “Why Higher Ed is Being Hit with Defamation Suits” – Co-Author, The Legal Intelligencer, February 2015 
  • “The Importance of Choosing and Building a Practice Area” – Author, The Legal Intelligencer, February 2015
  • “Legal Issues for Restaurants and Their Customers” – Co-Author, Pennsylvania Bar Institute’s Dining Out Program, December 2014


Robert W.

Excellent! Loaded with content, SO important in today's world where works can so easily be obtained, copied & re-used digitally.

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Excellent presentation.

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Good basic course and well presented.


Kept me awake! Been doing this for over 40 years and have never heard a better summary of these basics. Could listen to her for hours re actual cases. Thank you CW.

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Concise, engaging and always nice to support a female-led/owned firm. :)

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It was great

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Well done!

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Excellent presentation.

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The instructor made this interesting for someone not involved in this area of the law

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interesting topic, thanks!

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Great primer.

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Excellent program and presenter

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Good presentation

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Outstanding presentation. Excellent instructor.

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Great presentation - very informative

Sarah R.

I really enjoyed this Lawline - I took copyright pas/fail in law school and always found the topic very interesting (which I don't encounter often in practice, though I've copyrighted a few things for myself). In general, the speaker was passionate about the subject, presented very effectively (and with content that was detailed but not overwhelmingly so), and offered great resources (looking forward to reading some of the cases covered). Also, her necklace was appropriately arty for the subject. :)

Pamela K.

This was one of the best CLE presentations I have viewed. Clear, informative, and brief. Gave me exactly what I needed to ask the right questions moving forward. Thank you.

Donna J. B.

This course was very organized and clearly presented, covering a lot of ground in an hour. Excellent presentation.

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This was an excellent course from beginning to end!

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Great job. Any more by her?

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great course.

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Good Information.

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This was a great program. Very carefully thought out, well organized, well presented. One of my favorites!

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This was a well put together presentation that was very helpful for an attorney not practicing in this area.

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Really engaging, useful, easy to follow

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Would love to see advanced content on this topic - w/ deeper dives into specific examples.

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Well spoken, articulate presentation. Enjoyed the program.

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Useful, informative, and well-presented course. Knowledgeable and enthusiastic instructor.

Amy F.


Linda L.

Thank you for making this video available at no cost. I am glad I gave Law Line a try!

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Good review, beginner's course level

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Very interesting content!

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Great Course.

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Presenter very knowledgeable about subject area

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The presenter was extremely knowledgeable and I would happily sign up for more courses taught by this presenter.

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Really great attorney presentation, with interesting examples and excellent suggestions for additional information.

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Good content and pace. More substantive than most courses.

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One of the best courses I have taken. Good refresher and overview.

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Connected many of the bits of information I have acquired over time into a more cohesive understanding of the subject!

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I would highly recommend this course - the faculty is clearly an expert as well as an excellent presenter.

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