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Consumer Debt & Personal Bankruptcy 101

1h 1m

Created on February 06, 2017



In a weak economy, the trend of personal bankruptcy filings increase. Even in a strong economy, unfortunate and unexpected circumstances give rise to filings as well.

This course, presented by attorney Julie Cvek-Curley, provides an overview of personal bankruptcy proceedings for consumers in debt. She reviews why a filing may be need, what it accomplishes, and provides an overview of the filing process as a whole.

Learning Objectives: 

  1. Gain an introductory understanding of eligibility for personal bankruptcy and the different chapters of bankruptcy
  2. Understand how to conduct the intake meeting, including how to determine whether your client needs to file, and which chapter of bankruptcy is best for your client
  3. Identify best practices for preparing the Voluntary Petition and related filings
  4. Familiarize yourself with how to file the case, including what pleadings need to be filed so the case doesn't get dismissed
  5. Grasp how to assess the case post-filing and pre-discharge, including understanding the attorney's responsibilities
  6. Examine the Section 341(a) Meeting, including the purpose of the meeting and conduct during the meeting
  7. Comprehend the discharge process 

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