Constitutional Challenges to Recent Executive Orders in Immigration

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Produced on: June 29, 2017

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Time 61 minutes
Difficulty Intermediate

The early months of the current Presidential administration have seen a substantial amount of litigation raising constitutional claims brought against the executive orders released at the beginning of the term. The number of issues raised, lawsuits filed, and decisions raised on both procedural and substantive grounds has resulted in a significant amount of confusion among the public regarding exactly what, constitutionally speaking, is going on.

This course, presented by Matthew Blaisdell, will review the President's executive orders and will investigate claims raised under the First, Fifth, and Tenth Amendments to the U.S. Constitution. We'll discuss causes of action related to Due Process, Equal Protection, the Establishment Clause, the Free Exercise Clause, the Suspension Clause, the Spending Clause, the plenary power doctrine, separation of powers, state sovereignty, and other issues related to ongoing and anticipated litigation.

Learning Objectives: 

  1. Review the executive orders currently being litigated
  2. Identify and distinguish the different lawsuits brought against these orders and different claims brought in each
  3. Understand the constitutional challenges to those orders within current litigation
  4. Anticipate further constitutional challenges and litigation related to the orders


Matthew Blaisdell

Matthew Blaisdell, Esq.

Matthew Blaisdell is an attorney Brooklyn, New York, with full concentration in immigration law. He is the a former Chair of the American Immigration Lawyers Association (AILA) National Consumer Protection and Unauthorized Practice of Law Committee and current Chair of AILA’s Consumer Protection Rapid Response Team. He frequently writes and presents on the topic of consumer protection and immigration fraud, and he has provided testimony to several cities considering legislation to protect immigrant consumers.

He also regularly provides trainings and lectures on topics related to attorney ethics, practice management, prosecutorial discretion and advocating before various government agencies, immigration legislation and policies, constitutional issues, immigration options for youth and unaccompanied minors, LGBTQ immigration issues, immigration consequences of criminal activity, humanitarian forms of relief, and non-immigrant visas.

He received his juris doctor, as well as an LL.M in environmental law, from Pace Law School, and is a graduate of the New York City Environmental Law Leadership Institute (NYCELLI).


Robert K.

Current and relevant

Cullen M.

Informative presentation well delivered. Good explanations of the circumstances behind the cases and laws discussed.

William B.

Matt was outstanding.

Joe P.



The speaker was obviously knowledgeable and well-prepared- and did all lifting by himself so a good program prepared by him (personally)

Dana R.

As always, Matthew Blaisdell's presentations are good.

Mark H.

very good

Derek W.

Great topic. Excellent presentation.

Christopher B.

Great overview of a lot of information in a rapidly developing area. Thank you.

Cynthia Coulter M.

This was a really good presentation. I recommend checking to see if there have been any recent changes to executive orders and making sure that the MCLE presentation is after changes.

Peter S.

excellent presentation

Sharon A.

Very helpful

Mohammed Z.

Very informative

David R.

timely and interesting

Randi V.

Fantastic presentation.

Thomas C.

This was an extremely interesting presentation by an excellent presenter.

Lou Ann B.

Excellent presentation, excellent speaker, and excellent written materials.

Geoffrey K.

Mr. Blaisdell's presentation was outstanding.

Mary M.

Excellent presentation and timely.

kelly w.

Love these issues-based programs. Very interesting and current.

Monica R.

so topical

Stephanie H.

Very nicely done!

Kimbrel M.

Thank you- have appreciated several of Mr. Blaisdell's presentations.

Timothy D.

Very thorough coverage of topic that is changing in real time.

Luann D.


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