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Considerations in Yoga Teacher and Yoga Studio Representation

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Produced on October 15, 2015

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Time 93 minutes
Difficulty Intermediate

Course Description

The Yoga Journal’s “2012 Yoga in America Market Study” found that over 20 million people in America practice yoga and spend over $10 billion dollars. Today there are more than 70,000 yoga teachers and 26,000 studios and it is estimated the total spend is $27 billion. Yoga has become a big business.


As yoga has grown, it has entered the mainstream media and is featured in movies, TV shows, newspapers, advertisements, conferences, books and articles. It is being offered in hotels, resorts and airports.


However, this exposure has also led to a spotlight on injuries to students, the rise of legal issues similar to those found in any other small business, and the attention of regulatory bodies who are interested in regulating and taxing the yoga community.


Learning Objectives:

I.    Gain insight into the unique culture of yoga and challenges in representing yoga studios and teachers 

II.   Understand the standard business model of yoga studios and teachers 

III.  Grasp how federal and state audits over misclassification of yoga teachers is reshaping the yoga industry and how to properly classify independent contractors 

VI.  Know the most common intellectual property issues you will encounter representing the yoga industry 

V.   Recognize the risk of injury to students and the three-limbed approach to managing that risk 

VI.  Understand the key agreements most commonly used in the yoga world 

VII. Learn the corporate issues most commonly seen in the yoga world

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Gary Kissiah

Gary Kissiah Law

Gary Kissiah has practiced business and corporate law for over twenty years. He was a Senior Attorney with Microsoft and served on its Ethics Committee. He led many international transactions and negotiated software licenses, and product development, investment, strategic alliance and intellectual property agreements. He was also a partner with Akin Gump Strauss Hauer & Feld LLP, which is a large international law firm. He practiced in its corporate, securities and technology practice groups. He is a member of the State Bar of Texas.


He taught a series of five national Webinars on yoga law through Yoga Alliance, gave two presentations at the Yoga Alliance Business of Yoga Conference in Washington in August 2013, and will be speaking at the Conference in 2015. Additionally, he has spoken at the Yoga Journal Conference in San Francisco, Wanderlust-Squaw Valley, the Santa Fe Yoga Festival and at the Texas Yoga Conference.


He has written three books on yoga law: one for yoga teachers and one for studios. The third covers the law of independent contractors and employees.


He is a yoga teacher (RYT 200) and has a Certificate of Yoga Philosophy from the California Institute of Integral Studies. He is on the faculty of Breathe Yoga in Los Gatos, California and on the Board of Directors of the Integral Yoga Institute-San Francisco, as well as a Yoga Alliance Committee that is writing its new Code of Conduct.


He has published an innovative book entitled “The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali-Illuminations Through Image Commentary and Design” and will release his new book—“Rumi Illuminated-Rumi Quotes Curated By The Twitter Community”—in October 2014.


He currently supports many yoga studios, teachers, and wellness businesses by providing either legal representation or business consulting services. Gary feels that his experience as a yoga teacher has given him a unique perspective in providing legal support or business consulting services to the community.


Carol Lynn E.

Really great overview of legal aspects of yoga studio ownership. Speaker is obviously highly intelligent and versed.

Erin B.

Nice job. Thanks.

benjamin a.

very good very interesting really knew what he was talking about and very connected to the material

Elizabeth K.


Kevin L.

The thing that attracts me to lawline courses most is the unique industry knowledge I can get from niche courses like this. Keep it up!

Donald S.

Niche topic, but directly on point - he got this one right!

Ruth G.

Very interesting presentation, well organized, and specific to the legal challenges of yoga studios.

Benjamin S.


John K.

This was an engaging and great lecture covering a multitude of issues relating to yoga practices in general. Thank you very much.

Ann-Kathryn S.

Very knowledgeable faculty member! Raised my level of awareness on many possible issues!

Mark V.

Great industry specific class!

Lawrence C.

Very interesting and very well covered.

Daniela F.

This was interesting. Enjoyed how the instructor discussed all of the different aspects of the law which overlap in this specialty.

david m.


Thomas I.

This course greatly exceeded my expectations - it was very interesting, with so many more issues than I anticipated!

Andrew H.

This is a relaxing, edifying and phenomenal CLE

Julie S.

very interesting topic

Richard C.

Excellent course. Provides a really good broad-brush overview of issues for yoga studios, and should also be of interest for people representing (or just "using") health clubs, gyms, swimming clubs, and similar facilities.

Marie C.

Great course, very comprehensive

Andrea L.

Interesting topic and enjoyable speaker.

Claire O.

Excellent topic and excellent coverage of the issues. Thank you!!!!

Sebastian G.

very interesting and excellent presentation!

Glen K.

good personal experience shared

Jennifer A.

Very organized presentation and hits all major areas.

Tanja P.

very interesting topic and good presentation

Thomas M.

Excellent overview

Daniel C.

Re-entering law practice after years working in fitness business. This was a great program.

Susana F.

Excellent presentation, excellent power-point, interesting and easy to follow. I appreciate the speaker's personal knowledge of the the industry. This added a lot to the presentation.

Jennifer S.

such a great course!

Thomas B. M.

Very informative. My daughter teaches yoga.

Dane R.

Excellent presentation. Good advice for lawyers.

Ramsay W.

Very informative and genuinely interested speaker.

Robert D.

I thought the program was very well organized and presented effectively.

Thaddeus B.

Good overview, consistent with what I've seen and got some new info out of it too.

Steven S.

Good. I've read Iyengar Yoga Sutras and appreciated the substantive background regarding Yoga.

dante d.

good examples

Rena S.

Not something I thought I would ever see a CLE about but I represent a crossfit owner and it totally was on point.

Noelle O.


Zara W.

Thank you so much for this. I'm also a yoga teacher and you had some good advice for me! I also see how I could help the yoga world in my role as a lawyer, which I have not yet tried to do.

Chukwuka O.

Very Insightful

James F M.

Novel material and interesting application of traditional small business, physical training issues.

Jordana K.

I really loved this speaker. He was informative and passionate about the topic. I would watch him again.

Lin C.

One of the best CLEs I have attended.

Donna S.

Found it extremely helpful.

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