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Considerations in Yoga Teacher and Yoga Studio Representation

1h 33m

Created on October 15, 2015



The Yoga Journal’s “2012 Yoga in America Market Study” found that over 20 million people in America practice yoga and spend over $10 billion dollars. Today there are more than 70,000 yoga teachers and 26,000 studios and it is estimated the total spend is $27 billion. Yoga has become a big business.


As yoga has grown, it has entered the mainstream media and is featured in movies, TV shows, newspapers, advertisements, conferences, books and articles. It is being offered in hotels, resorts and airports.


However, this exposure has also led to a spotlight on injuries to students, the rise of legal issues similar to those found in any other small business, and the attention of regulatory bodies who are interested in regulating and taxing the yoga community.


Learning Objectives:

I.    Gain insight into the unique culture of yoga and challenges in representing yoga studios and teachers 

II.   Understand the standard business model of yoga studios and teachers 

III.  Grasp how federal and state audits over misclassification of yoga teachers is reshaping the yoga industry and how to properly classify independent contractors 

VI.  Know the most common intellectual property issues you will encounter representing the yoga industry 

V.   Recognize the risk of injury to students and the three-limbed approach to managing that risk 

VI.  Understand the key agreements most commonly used in the yoga world 

VII. Learn the corporate issues most commonly seen in the yoga world

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