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Conducting Negotiations When the Stakes are High

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Produced on March 01, 2019

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Course Information

Time 121 minutes
Difficulty Intermediate

Course Description

This course will cover advanced techniques for negotiating when the stakes are high and there is a non-negotiable element. This program is taught by Steven Riznyk, an attorney with 30 years of experience as a negotiator and business lawyer, who has resolved the extortion of a political figure and kidnapping of a federal agent’s son (with no money changing hands), hundreds of relationship issues, merger and acquisition cases, and prepared witnesses for important trials.

The program teaches a targeted approach to high-level negotiation, and attorneys will learn how to instantly evaluate their opponent and approach the negotiation table in real-life situations where consequences are severe and time is short.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Win a case with non-negotiable elements
  2. Understand the opponent: how humans think and process information
  3. Evaluate your opponent: know who the person is before a word is spoken
  4. Pay attention to critical details

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Steven Riznyk

San Diego Biz Law

Steven Riznyk has been practicing immigration law for the past 30 years. His firm, San Diego Biz Law, was the first one to conduct immigration seminars all over the world, including at both Oxford and Duke Universities. He has lectured to thousands of people, and has enjoyed clients from 54 countries. He asked his seminar attendees as well as clients many questions, so he could understand their concerns and mindset. His understanding of immigration and its many complex issues extends far beyond the law, and he is arguably one of the most knowledgeable persons on immigration in the country.

He runs two immigration firms: One for the public, and one that creates cases for 80+ law firms in the United States. With a research facility in London England, they operate around the clock with California licensed attorneys. His firm has dealt with some of the most complex cases in the United States today. The fact that his is one of the under 1% of immigration firms that practices both business and immigration law, he has dealt with hundreds of business people from around the globe in the E and L visa categories; he understands how to position investor’s cases from a business standpoint so they prevail. Additionally, San Diego Biz Law can help foreign investors with management consulting as being new in America can be very challenging.

Steven’s passion is helping the cause of abused dogs without families. He created two companies, a clothing label, Antonio Stefano, and a 6-hour streaming program on solving relationship problems in a week using his conflict resolution model as a negotiator. Both of these companies will contribute the maximum amount of profit they can to a non-profit that will keep the money in trust so that veterinarians can conduct surgeries on abused dogs who lack an owner.  He also enjoys travel, fashion, and a number of sports.

Contact information:


(619) 793-4827



Anna L.

He is fantastic.

Michelle O.

Fascinating approach to the subject - enjoyed it!

Maurice P.


Stephen N.

Excellent content

Cynthia J. T.

one of best presenters I have seen & heard in nearly 50 years ! - CJ TELEP TURNER, J.D. - CO & CA

Sharon B.

Great information and presentation!

William B.

This presenter did a great job of discussing the subjective aspects of complex negotiations, including understanding adversaries.

Tonye O.

I really enjoyed this presentation. Great Job!

Edward S.


Daniel T.

Great course.

Enoch W.

Best CLE I have taken in some time. Loved the presenter. I was engaged the whole 2 hours.

Dena F.

Absolutely fantastic!!!!!

Josh N.

Very interesting

Elissa H.

Very informative and a great presenter!

Allan S.

One of the best CLE courses I've taken. Well Done

Patti H.

One of the best courses to date. Thank you

Evan S.

This was a terrific course. Would love to hear more from this prof.

Trevor C.

Great sense of humor! Practical and helpful.

Sarah S.

This was the best and most interesting CLE i've attended since becoming a licensed attorney!

John O.

Maybe the best CLE video I've ever listened to. Very good practical and useful advice, not just for negotiations but for how we should all conduct ourselves professionally and personally. What a great message. This should be required of every practicing lawyer! (And I don't ever comment on these video presentations)

Richard M.

This course gave me a lot to think about, excellent course.

Michelle W.

Best course offered! Completely insightful and new way of thinking!

Jolie G.


Lee Z.


Thomas M.

It's not often that we get such great take-aways from a CLE seminar. He opened a number of avenues of inquiry for me.

Robert F.


Katherine T.

Best negotiation lecture I've heard. Really excellent

Carolyn R.

I enjoyed the presentation. A lot of food for thoought!

Elizabet M.

Very interesting and informative. Better than I expected.

michael R.

I would watch other courses by this individual.

Joseph L.

Very interesting and valuable content.

Dahyun K.

Thank you for the wonderful class

Linda R.

A very dignified speaker and lecture. Don’t miss it.

Megan P.

Fabulous program.

Stephen F.

very engaging

Ronald S.

Again instructor is extremely knowledgeable and thorough!

Julie H.

I am glad he looked at the 'soft' factors about human nature that influence the responses of other that you are negotiating with, and not just the 'hard' facts that we so often concentrate on as lawyers.

David R.

The course content was not what I was expecting re: high stakes negotiations, but it was really great content! I plan to re-watch this to capture the wisdom presented. Great presentation, great stories, and great content- A+.

Jeffrey T.

Excellent program! This is the sort of content that many lawyers might not even realize that they need and can use.

Joel H.


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