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Complex Naturalization: How to Get Your Clients to Citizenship

1h 9m

Created on March 23, 2021





Legal permanent residents often consider naturalization just one last form and an easy process to achieve citizenship, but in reality, it is the final opportunity for USCIS to identify any errors in the process or ineligibilities for status. Mistakes can lead to immigration court and/or the loss of all status completely. This program on complex naturalization will review your clients' path to citizenship and how to overcome the obstacles of the naturalization process, including the basics of eligibility requirements, underlying obstacles such as criminal history, continuous residence, extensive travel history, tax concerns, and false claims of US citizenship. The program will also discuss situations that could lead cases to immigration court and how to identify red flags during client meetings. By the end of the course, attorneys will be able to understand and potentially overcome these obstacles to achieve the best possible outcome for their clients.

Presented by Author and Board Certified Attorney Ruby L. Powers, this program will benefit any attorney who is interested in complex naturalization matters.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Review the basic naturalization eligibility requirements
  2. Explore criminal matters and common challenges to good moral character
  3. Examine physical and continuous residence considerations and importance of travel history
  4. Assess tax concerns, including child support irregularities and outstanding income tax payments
  5. Discuss the consequences of misleading information on prior applications and false claims to U.S. citizenship 
  6. Address possibilities of naturalization case being sent to immigration court and how to best assess such risks
  7. Implement best practices for filing a complex naturalization case and avoiding pitfalls

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