Common Ethical Issues In Virginia In the Trial of Employment Cases

Production Date: January 26, 2015 Practice Areas: Ethics and Labor & Employment Law Estimated Length: 7490 minutes


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In recent years, labor and employment disputes have grown larger, more complex and far more likely to pose a significant threat to an employer’s core business interests. The Rules of Professional Conduct in the Workplace are not clear cut and an attorney's various ethical obligations can be difficult to navigate. Join Hunton and Williams partner Thomas Murphy as he discusses the ethical considerations for corporate counsel. Mr. Murphy explores the ethical obligations of lawyers representing both employers and employees or multiple plaintiffs. He analyzes both the ABA rules and the Virginia rules, pointing out key differences. In-house employment law attorneys confront specific ethical issues that are different from other practitioners. Join Mr. Murphy to find out what those differences are. 


Learning Objectives:

I.     Explore the ethical issues relating to simultaneous representation 

II.    Understand how to defend an employee’s deposition

III.   Appreciate the ethical rules and pitfalls Involved in employment cases

IV.   Discover how ethics rules and social media interrelate

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