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Common Ethical Issues in Government Contracting

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Created on July 16, 2018




Government contracting is a complex field of law, and can present attorneys with unique ethical challenges. This program, presented by Claude M. Millman of Kostelanetz & Fink, LLP, introduces many of the ethical issues that arise when companies do business with government agencies. Topics to be covered include gifts, entertainment, and favors when dealing with public servants; dealing with public servants with dual positions, or those who misuse their positions; managing "revolving door" employment; and handling endorsements from governments. While these topics are introduced in a general way, New York City's conflicts of interest law is used as an example of how these issues may be regulated in particular jurisdictions.

Learning Objectives:
  1. Gain an overview of common ethical challenges that arise in government contracting practice
  2. Examine typical scenarios that arise when dealing with public servants, such as receiving confidential information from them, working with public servants in dual positions, encounters with public servants who misuse their positions, or public servants with investments in companies that do business with the government

  3. Explore how to effectively manage "revolving door" employment

  4. Discuss how to properly handle endorsements from governments

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