Common Estate Planning and Family Issues for Military Personnel

Production Date: February 23, 2015 Practice Areas: Wills, Trusts, & Estates and Financial Planning Estimated Length: 5507 minutes


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Though less than 0.5% of the population serves in the armed forces, serving is a commitment not only for servicemembers, but also for their families and dependents. For military families, separation can often last for long periods of time.  Servicemembers are on duty 24/7, need to be ready to depart at a moment’s notice, and therefore benefit greatly from having an organized estate and all of their affairs in order.   


Attorneys Michael Brusca and Robert Morris will help viewers understand the issues in estate planning for military personnel, as well as show them how utilize the tools available to military families, both of which are critical in order to best serve these deserving clients.   


Learning Objectives:

I.     Identify the basic documents available for lifetime and estate planning

II.    Recognize the impact of separation and divorce on an estate plan 

III.   Utilize guardians and other alternatives 

IV.   Understand estate planning and estate/inheritance taxation issues for servicemembers/families 

V.    Grasp the basic issues involved in Special Needs Planning 

VI.   Comprehend the USERRA and SCRA



Joseph L.
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great presentation

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Excellent and very comprehensive.

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Great coverage!

Theodore L.
Waterbury, VT

Cannot speak for "never wore the uniform" folks, but catch-up was brilliant and introduction to things military seemed excellent.

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always have this hole that has been filled in my legal need to know as to military personnel needs to consider when case resolutions occur

Harry H.

Excellent Course and Presentation

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This was a great presentation. The speakers were packed a lot of useful information into an hour and a half.

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Packed with info.

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Best online ic lass to date

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Very applicable.

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As a veteran, I really enjoyed the program. I thought the program was extremely informative. Great Job!

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Fantastic presentation. Easy to follow and full of necessary information when representing service members. Thank you for offering this course!

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Good course.

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didn't realize some of the issues Military personnel face.

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Contained some good basic information as well as specialized information regarding military personnel needs.

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Well done!

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Very informative.

Thomas B.
Los Angeles, CA

Interesting discussion of the complications for military families, and special needs.

Susan P.
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I'm a former military dependent whose father was a JAG - excellent presentation

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Otis C.
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Good overview-touched on relevant issues of daily practice, whether military or not

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excellent--very useful info

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Great considerations for drafting any estate planning for non military personel

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Best course I have participated in for the last few years!

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Being military myself, I really appreciate the insight to specific legal issues faced by military families

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Robert C.
Olathe, KS

While I had studied tax and estate planning in law school, and did some of it in my first job out of law school, it has been a while, and this was good refresher material. Additionally, I live near a military base and, while I had never had service member

Ruth G.
Chicago, IL

Very interesting! I will watch anything Michael A. Brusca does. Robert F. Morris was also very clear, concise, and engaging.

Charles S.
Greenwood, SC

Very useful. Really helps those lawyers who have never served. I was in the Navy and speaker characterized duty quite accurately.

Connie M.
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Great class. Thank you!

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timely and pertinent

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Logically presented information. Applies to not only military situations.