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Commercial Mediation Part VIII: Mediation Ethics

1h 4m

Created on March 13, 2015



Mediation requires conflicting parties to swim in the waters of trust.  Where trust might be said to be at the heart of ethics, no course on mediation would be complete without an exploration of essential ethical issues in mediation.


In Part VIII of this Commercial Mediation program, Mr. Baum reviews the chief ethical issues to which all mediators should be sensitive.  Guided by the AAA/ABA/SPIDR (ACR) Standards of Conduct for Mediators, we review these issues and standards.


Learning Objectives:

I.    Understand the centrality of ethical issues to mediation

II.   Gain familiarity with the AAA/ABA/SPIDR (ACR) Standards of Conduct for Mediators

III.  Recognize ethical issues relating to:

a. Party self-determination

b. Neutrality and impartiality

c. Conflicts

d. Honesty and disclosure

e. Candor in advertising 

f.  Various other issues

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