Commercial Mediation Part VIII: Mediation Ethics

Production Date: March 13, 2015 Practice Areas: Ethics and Alternative Dispute Resolution Estimated Length: 3863 minutes


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Mediation requires conflicting parties to swim in the waters of trust.  Where trust might be said to be at the heart of ethics, no course on mediation would be complete without an exploration of essential ethical issues in mediation.


In Part VIII of this Commercial Mediation program, Mr. Baum reviews the chief ethical issues to which all mediators should be sensitive.  Guided by the AAA/ABA/SPIDR (ACR) Standards of Conduct for Mediators, we review these issues and standards.


Learning Objectives:

I.    Understand the centrality of ethical issues to mediation

II.   Gain familiarity with the AAA/ABA/SPIDR (ACR) Standards of Conduct for Mediators

III.  Recognize ethical issues relating to:

a. Party self-determination

b. Neutrality and impartiality

c. Conflicts

d. Honesty and disclosure

e. Candor in advertising 

f.  Various other issues

Tom H.
Lakewood, CO

tremendous presentation, thank you

Alicia C.
Dallas, TX

Thank you.

Andrea R.
Dallas, TX

Great instructor because he is well informed, well prepared , experienced and very likeable. I took this session out of order and he inspired me to take the rest of the course even though I am already a certified mediator in my state.

tim r.
Seattle, WA

Great presentation.

Elizabeth S.
Murfreesboro, TN

One thing I particularly found beneficial was the idea that my concept of "fair" may not be the parties concept of "fair". Keeping that in mind will help me to remember it is their process.

Gwen I.
Lake Forest, CA

This was a great course and part of a feat series--practical, savvy, informative--highly recommend!

D. Larry G.
Riverside, CA

excellent program

Judith Marie F.
Houston, TX

Having already completed a 40-hour basic mediation training course, I watched this module before the previous seven modules and found it quite good on its own - it all made me want to go back now and watch the other modules.

Bradley C.
Memphis, TN


James F.
New York, NY

A very thoughtful presentation, and an excellent close to an 8-part series.

Chukwuka O.
Houston, TX

Great Instructor!

Michael N.
South Lyon, MI


Paul M.
Clifton, NJ

This seminar and the previous seven seminars dealing with Commercial Mediation provide an excellent overview of this important area. The entire course was done in an informative and helpful manner. I would recommend the entire course for everyone.

James B.
New York, NY

Excellent speaker.

Dennis S.
New York, NY

Simeon Baum is the best speaker I have heard on LawLine. He is always well prepared and delivers his material in a very appealing manner.

talin h.
Oakton, VA

Very informative - great speaker!

Merrick W.
Houston, TX

Excellent series, and a great refresher for my mediation training.

Daniel W.
Bellingham, WA

Good program--thoughtful and well-paced.

Frederick S.
Glendale Heights, IL

Excellent presentation. Very thought provoking! Thank you.

Trevor D.
Tucson, AZ

I liked the historical perspective on the development of ethics--something you don't often get in a CLE.

Karl O.
Sodus, NY

Very general information.

Terence S.
seattle, WA

Mr. Baum is one of the very best presenters I have ever heard.