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Coming Back or Staying Remote? Addressing Employer Considerations for Covid Reopenings


Created on June 08, 2021




Many companies, especially those in service industries and other public-facing businesses, have already started some type of reopening scheme during the ongoing pandemic. With vaccine rollouts, many more companies are starting to re-open, including asking formerly remote employees to return to the office on at least a part-time basis. What are some of the current best practices and recommendations for reopening businesses while COVID is still a concern? And what are the considerations for employers when employees elect to stay home or refuse to return? This course will help attorneys address the legal implications of employees who return to the workplace, and who continue to work remotely, including considerations for a long term remote workforce. 

This program will benefit labor and employment attorneys, as well as management at law firms that are weighing employment considerations for their own remote and in-person employees. 

Learning Objectives:

  1. Identify wage and hour issues regarding remote work

  2. Discuss employer rights and obligations regarding mandatory COVID testing or vaccines

  3. Discuss potential sexual harassment and discrimination claims that may arise in a remote work or hybrid remote/in-office context

  4. Discuss employers' obligations regarding COVID sick leave

  5. Predict which employees are likely to have potential claims, and discuss best practices for responding to them

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