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Coming Attractions in Health Care: What to Expect from the Biden Administration

1h 5m

Created on January 21, 2021





The change in presidential administrations traditionally brings new priorities, policy goals, and the opportunity for legislative and regulatory change, and the 2021 inauguration of President-Elect Biden is no exception. The Biden administration will be facing a changing and challenging health care landscape that continues to be shaped by the need to address the COVID crisis, including the need for an effective COVID-19 vaccination that can be rolled out to the general public in a timely manner. The incoming administration also will be awaiting a ruling from the Supreme Court regarding the survival of the Affordable Care Act which, depending on the Court's ruling, could upend the American health insurance system. Finally, as with any administration, the new administration will be looking to implement its own policy goals - including expanding value-based reimbursement, continuing efforts to end surprise billing, and increasing fraud and abuse enforcement efforts.  

In this program, experienced healthcare attorneys Margaret Davino and Hillary Stemple will provide an overview of what health care providers should expect from the first year of the Biden administration, as well as possible long-term Biden administration efforts. They will be joined by Dr. Ferdinando Mirarchi who will offer a provider's perspective on the changing health care landscape and the real-world implications of the administration's priorities. 

Learning Objectives:

  1. Examine possible outcomes to the Supreme Court's ruling on the Affordable Care Act and how the ruling could impact the current private health insurance system
  2. Analyze the status of the COVID response and how the response may change during the Biden administration
  3. Discuss the Biden administration's health care regulatory policy priorities and how the implementation of such priorities could impact providers

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