Combined Heat & Power Projects: Negotiating Power Purchase and Procurement Agreements

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Produced on: July 18, 2017

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Time 60 minutes
Difficulty Beginner

This program, taught by Peter Funk, energy law attorney with Funk & Zeifer LLP, will provide an overview of power purchase (PPA) and equipment purchase (or lease) approaches to CHP (combined heat and power) projects. This will include a discussion of the primary benefits and risks of each approach and how to anticipate potential regulatory or utility issues.

Topics that will be covered include the critical provisions for PPA’s for both buyers and sellers, and the allocation of benefits and risks. Practical considerations for procurement agreements (whether purchase or lease), maintenance requirements, remote monitoring, and utility regulation issues will all be discussed.

Additionally, the program will provide a broad base of knowledge about utility interconnection, including system equipment considerations, the regulatory differences depending on the nature of the purchaser in a PPA, and the jurisdiction of state regulators. Finally, the course will cover the different kinds of monetary incentives involved in these agreements, including the advantages and disadvantages of such incentives, and the structure of incentive agreements.

Learning Objectives: 

  1. Identify the issues involved in CHP projects and how to best handle them in practice

  2. Knowledgeably represent parties involved in CHP projects

  3. Assess practical considerations in Power Purchase Agreements and Incentive Agreements


Peter Funk

Funk & Zeifer LLP

Peter Funk practices in the areas of energy and construction law and the financing of energy projects. His extensive background includes experience with renewable, alternative and conventional generation together with energy conservation and demand response projects. His representations also include numerous clients as to the purchase and sale of energy commodities and related tariff issues. He has an equally extensive background in utility law and in representing regulated electric and gas utilities with regard to regulatory agencies, generating plants and transmission and distribution matters.

During his years of practice, he has represented clients in the areas of renewable and alternative energy practice includes solar, hydro, landfill gas or animal waste bio-methane to power (or gas off-take), on-site cogeneration, geothermal, energy efficiency, energy conservation retrofit projects and demand-side management projects such as advanced interval submetering, waste-to- energy. He has served in the role as outside general counsel to an energy services company. He advises many clients in these areas and has served as outside general counsel to an energy services company.

Mr. Funk also has also advised gas and electric utility companies and served in the role of outside general counsel for a gas and electric utility (with nuclear, conventional steam electric and hydro facilities). He has practiced before federal and state courts and regulatory agencies.

Peter Funk’s construction practice and experience encompasses general construction and, in particular, retail store, office building and airport food concessions interior construction. His construction experience with energy projects includes large power plants, hydropower facilities, on-site generation, electric and gas transmission\distribution and energy conservation retrofits.

A member of the American and New York State bar associations and the Association of the Bar of the City of New York, Mr. Funk is a 1973 graduate of Boston University School of Law, where he won the American Jurisprudence Award.


Edward S.

VERY useful for upcoming project(s) of mine.

Andrew P.

This speaker obviously has a lot of knowledge on this topic/area of practice. Please give him the opportunity to do additional more in depth lectures.

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