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Client Intake in Personal Injury Cases in New York


Created on April 17, 2018




In some ways, the first encounter with a potential client is the most important. First, just convincing a potential client to sign your retainer is a skill that involves preparation, confidence, sympathy, empathy, smarts, charm and maybe even a little luck. How can you refine your personal style to close the deal and sign up the client?  

Once the retainer is signed, your job has only just begun. During the intake, you will also lay the foundation of your case and begin preparing for the trial. It's the time when the accident is most fresh in the mind of your client, and you have the opportunity to set the tone for the life of the case. This program, presented by Jeffrey M. Kimmel, one of New York's leading civil trial attorneys, will explore and highlight the core aspects of the client intake process - including a simulation of portions of an actual client intake.  

Learning Objectives:

  1. Visualize how an intake should be conducted with an eye towards all future aspects of the case
  2. Review the key topics to cover during an intake to effectively prepare the client for what is to come
  3. Identify your personal style and strengths and prepare for your own successful intake
  4. Chart the course for an optimal outcome of the case

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