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Civility and Professionalism in the Courtroom


Created on May 25, 2018




Civility and professionalism are seemingly under attack in our society today. The line between reasonable, respectful behavior and inappropriate, offensive conduct has been blurred. However, there are specific rules for attorneys regarding civility and proper conduct in the courtroom. Failure to follow these rules can damage an attorney's reputation, diminish the public's perception about the legal system, and result in adverse consequences.  

This course, presented by Steven R. Dyki, explores the concepts of civility and professionalism for attorneys and judges, including federal and state rules. Using New York as an example, Dyki will provide examples of civilized (and uncivilized) behavior, and potential consequences of that behavior. This course will benefit all practitioners regardless of where they practice.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Define civility, and understand a lawyer's civility obligations in the courtroom and beyond
  2. Explore the ethical rules that mandate civilized and professional behavior in both local and federal courts
  3. Walk through examples of unprofessional behavior, with a close look at cases that have litigated the issue
  4. Discuss the consequences of uncivilized behavior, and the various harms that it causes

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