Civil Rights Litigation Part I: Case Intake and Evaluation

Production Date: September 25, 2015 Practice Areas: Constitutional Law, Litigation, Civil Rights, and Public Interest Law Estimated Length: 3713 minutes


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In this course, the first of a multi-part series on litigating civil rights cases, Ameer Benno, a New York City-based civil rights attorney, explains the case intake and evaluation process, walking the viewer through the initial, but critically important, steps that should be taken by plaintiff’s counsel in all civil rights cases. These include conducting a proper client interview, drafting an appropriate retainer agreement, conducting pre-action investigation, determining the proper forum in which to bring the action, and complying with all prerequisites to filing the lawsuit.  


Learning Objectives:

I.     Recognize how to conduct a client intake interview

II.    Understand the legal and ethical requirements of a civil rights retainer agreement 

III.   Comprehend how to conduct a post-intake investigation, so as to identify the proper parties, claims, potential defenses, and time limitations, and to preserve essential evidence

IV.   Become acquainted with the legal prerequisites to commencing an action 

V.    Gain insight on how to determine whether to bring the action in state or federal court

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very good coverage of intake interview, and retainer agreements ...

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I found this course and presenter excellent. In general, I do not practice civil litigation (though I do government claims, which have elements of civil litigation), but much of the information such as dealing with clients at the onset of representation and retainer agreements can cross over to my practice.

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Covered far more material in 60 minutes than other programs do in 2 hours.

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Good tips - especially with client agreements.

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Excellent! One of the very best CLEs, highly informational and the included documents are awesome!

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Excellent and informative presentation!!! Far more complex and demanding than one might think!! Critical information regarding Retainer Agreement and Prerequisites to Lawsuits--one had better comply with the exhaustion of remedies requirements or you're going to get your case thrown out!!!

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